Wednesday, May 04, 2011

UK Pre-Crime Agency - Charlie Vietch arrested, executed and dumped at sea

you're laughing at the ludicrous title but, "I shit thee not," with Obama and his cronies running riot around the world, all guns blazing, we're THIS CLOSE to actually reading an article with a title like this.

WELCOME TO PRE-CRIME AGENCY making the corporate prison a more efficient truth destroyer.


You think I'm fucking about here, don't you? Well, realise this CHARLIE VIETCH non-violent activist and founder of the excellent Love Police WAS ARRESTED FOR NOT COMMITING A CRIME.

After the London TUC protests on March 26th, Veitch and his group the Love Police announced that they would launch “Disruption Spectacular” at Prince William’s Wedding.

Veitch became an anti-Royalist and anarchist after being made redundant at his banking job, which forced him to reassess both his life, as well as the political and economic circumstances of both London and the world-at-large. Thus, when the Love Police announced their intention to spectacularly protest Prince William’s wedding, it was a symbolic action to demonstrate against royal opulence in the face of forced austerity which triggered the TUC protests.

In an attempt to prevent Veitch and the Love Police from protesting, London Police came to his flat and placed him under arrest for “suspicion of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance,” as well as “suspicion of aggravated trespass at Fortnum & Mason.”
[source DEATH+TAXES]

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