Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Hugh Grant claims that FIVE SUCCESSIVE Prime Ministers were in the pocket of News International.

that's what I heard, this afternoon, while Hugh Grant was on BBC TV being interviewed outside Parliament in a debate with Mr McMullen, a former features editor at the News of the World, about the PHONE HACKING FIASCO that's been brewing-in-silence since 2002.

Timeline of the day's events:

At Prime Minister's questions time, the phone-hacking issue appears to have been played down and "public enquiry after legal resolution" was announced by PM, David Cameron.

This afternoon, amazing revelations and accusations by Tom Watson and other members of parliament debating the COLLUSION and CORRUPTION of the Metropolitan Police and News International. Adrian Sanders cheekily used the phrase "fishnet condom" and "IPCC" (independent police complaints commission) in the same sentence, during the live debate.

• Margaret Thatcher 1979-90 Conservative
• John Major 1990-97 Conservative
• Tony Blair 1997-2007 Labour
• Gordon Brown 2007-2010 Labour (non-elected)
• David Cameron 2010-present (whose press secretary Andy Coulson was sacked from News International over the phone hacking scandal in 2006)

Hugh Grant later commented to BBC NEWS, to my utter astonishment, "Margaret Thatcher was the first, and her 'undignified sycophancy' to Rupert Murdoch has continued up through successive prime ministers to the present one." UNQUOTE - I mean, WOW.

Here's a link to the exact BBC NEWS clip - GRANT ACCCUSES FIVE SUCCESSIVE PM's

Day later update: News of the World to CLOSE DOWN this Sunday, with 200 job losses expected and the Sun going 7-day.
Tom Watson, a Labour MP who rallied against the paper told Sky News: "Let's be clear it was not Rupert Murdoch who closed the News of the World, it was good honest people up and down the country. Good riddance'. [source Yahoo News]

Pot calls kettle black: I love the way the Opposition (i.e. Milliband & Harman) are publicly pillorying Cameron about this GREASY INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIP between Corporate Government PLC and Corporate Media PLC. This insidious complicity is being shown to be a BI-PARTISAN issue, that's why we voted HUNG PARLIAMENT in 2010.

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