Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Free Planet - only the other party benefits - the going rate issue

I first addressed this issue a couple months ago in my post Trade relations after the death of money and I've been thinking a lot about it since.

One of the solutions I had to my concept of 'a mutually-agreed GOING RATE for the share moment' was omni-directional-altruism. Yes, like the flea-picking illustration above. Undertaking a 'bit of business' or 'sharing a living moment' SO THAT THE 'GOING RATE' ONLY BENEFITS OTHERS... not you. This was (potentially) a way to 'never get caught into a bargaining stalemate' but it quickly became evident that such a 'do for others' mentality is exactly the same as the round-dodger who 'never seems to pay for his round' but wanders from social group to social group sponging off the good will of these 'altruistic others', getting constantly preened of his infestation at the physical expense of others.

This will not do. "FREE PLANET has to be about like-for-like personal exchange or sharing," thought I. Maybe the loafer could tell a joke or sing a song or be otherwise ENTERTAINING while he chimera's from group to group gaining valuable social ammunition should he want to shop a Diversity to another at a later date.

Additionally, we have the real potential for corruption even in the general 'going rate' concept -- Don't agree a 'going rate' just now, merely agree that 'at a later date' your 'contribution' can be counted on.

The basis of CORRUPTION, as it were...

Need to think, people. We need to think of ways to retain CUSTODIANSHIP of our homeworld without reverting to a god-awful bartering/slave system similar to the money/profit one (what I call the Cracked Cube*) we're already anslaved by.

Free Planet needs locally-regulated 'tribal' Diversities with a common goal, "Do right by Free Planet."

* * * * *
* Cracked Cube is an abstract/arbitrary simulation box that the people of a society adhere to. It takes in multiple inputs and multiple outputs can syphon from it. A free flow of the matrix from, to. But it's a broken box. It's just a random set of stuff around which a series of arbitray laws have been brought in to GOVERN it. No matter how you re-wire or re-engineer the contents of the Cracked Cube game, it's always in favour of the house, the RULE MAKERS.

Cracked Cube game playing is what drives the stock market, the intelligence services, corporate war for profit, the movement of asset(people)s from territory to territory, general social regulation aka 'laws of the land'.

Cracked Cube is an Empire fortress with all the usual security/infiltration concerns, a code-model waiting to be broken.

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