Friday, August 26, 2011

New York 2011 - The Perfect Storm - HAARP enhanced?

exactly ten years ago (during 9-11) Hurricane Erin grazed the eastern shore of the USA beside New York.

This year, ABC NEWS (sexy 3D weather analysis below) is predicting that Hurricane Irene will pass directly over Atlantic City before passing directly over the Empire State Building in Manhattan. And (allegedly) Boston is toast, if Irene's present category lingers through the weekend...

There's a really nice Hurricane Tracker on The Washington Post for those who just can't wait for the Nightly News headlines. Or if you get bored of this POTENTIAL NON EVENT, put your mind to wondering what this 'weather news' is masking.

Saturday 27th update: Massive circular HAARP flash radar signature viewed on various weather systems, coming out of Raleigh, NC, noted by DutchSinse:

Hurricane Irene is battering North Carolina (on its way up to Virginia, later today). Tomorrow, as Irene gathers more energy from warm waters, it hits New York. Buckle up, buddies.

August 30th update: well, as you know, nothing much happened apart from this absolutely beautiful movie of Irene's progress up the eastern seaboard.

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