Thursday, November 03, 2011

G20 France - New World - New Ideas - New Dawn?

does this New Dawn not look OMINOUS to anyone else?
all I see is an austere jackboot stamping down on the face of humanity forever.

VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in Greece for Papandreou,
VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in the EuroZone for Greece,
VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in the global markets.........

You know what this looks like, a lack of confidence, right?

But it's also the exact same way Corporate Take-overs work; off with the head. It'll also be the way the IMF (the great big gobal sovereignty-stealing machine) gets rid of 'ousted' heads of state; global activation of corporate governance. Maybe Papandreou should count his lucky stars that he'll only lose his 'untenable' job and not be assassinated from his position as was Saddam Hussein and Muammar Ghadaffi and Dominick Strauss Khan and others....

At least he'll be able to spend his last days with his family, and friends.


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