Sunday, November 13, 2011

National Portrait Gallery - Jason Brooks - portrait of biochemist Paul Nurse

Out for a walk around London yesterday (Saturday) with Mrs P and daughter. Aimed towards the National Gallery, got distracted by the National PORTRAIT Gallery. It'd been a decade or more since I'd been inside, so in we went. And it was alright, you know. Paintings, here and there. Many of them not to my personal taste. There was a painting by Philip Oliver Hale (below) of Thomas Joseph Edmund Adès that really stood out, in Room 35.

From there I wandered into Room 38 and there was this big photograph on the far wall in among the paintings and a head made of blood. This big pohoto seemed kinda odd. Seemed kinda out of place. It was a photograph of a head, tightly cropped,  in very large format.  Wait a minute -- did a double take -- it's a painting. It's an amazing painting, of biochemist Paul Nurse by English artist Jason Brooks.

Jason Brooks, you say?
Where have I heard that name before?
I didn't know that I had.
I also didn't know that this was the exact same Jason Brooks who has a PISS PAINTINGS section in his gallery that are photo-realistic paintings of women pissing in scenic locations.
I'll drop my editorial drawers and shower you with three golden examples.

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