Monday, February 28, 2011

Charles Ferguson - Inside Job - Oscar winning documentary

I'm not saying they're intentionally trying to hi-jack, divert or distance the INSIDE JOB part of the "9-11 was an inside job" slogan but at least Charles Ferguson's documentary INSIDE JOB targets the real people behind the crumbling state of our supposedly Free Planet.

INSIDE JOB (which won this year's Best Documentary Oscar) is the first film to expose the shocking truth behind the economic crisis of 2008. The global financial meltdown, at a cost of over $20 trillion, resulted in millions of people losing their homes and jobs. Through extensive research and interviews with major financial insiders, politicians and journalists, INSIDE JOB traces the rise of a rogue industry and unveils the corrosive relationships which have corrupted politics, regulation and academia.

"It's a Wall Street government," best sound bite from the trailer.

'Oil, not democracy, is what West wants in Libya' - Afshin Rattansi.

in their latest bulletin, Russia Today talks about the Libyan crisis under the ominous title "Oil, not democracy, is what the West wants in Libya," with London-based author and journalist Afshin Rattansi. You'll notice that at no point is the Facebook/Twitter persona management software of cognitive infiltration mentioned, but you can't have everything.

Assange got his assets frozen.
Mubarak got his assets frozen.
Gaddafi got his assets frozen.

Superfly - Free Planet - live

yeah, I know, I just had to, eh?


Friday, February 25, 2011

and the award for BEST RENDERED HAIR IN A MOTION PICTURE goes to...

...well, it had to be didn't it, but it all could have gone so wrong.

Here's how Disney's 3D wizards simulatedeffortless hair dragging for their Rapunzel film "TANGLED" and I quote, "we add a tangential friction parameter for the ground contacts by separating the component of friction that lies in the direction tangent to the hair strands. The tangential friction component is then scaled down by as much as two orders of magnitude in comparison with the remaining friction. The hair is then able to easily slide along its length without spreading outward on the ground," so there you have it.

And here's a seductive clip to show their hair-flowing cleverness in action. How can you NOT just love it?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scientists under attack - Genetic Engineering in the magnetic Field of Money - trailer

Árpád Pusztai and Ignacio Chapela have two things in common: they are both distinguished scientists and their careers are now in ruins. Both issued warnings against the sale of genetically-modified food and both are now suffering the fate of those who criticize such work, which is often dominated by financial interests rather than the public good. (In SCIENTISTS UNDER ATTACK), director Bertram Verhaag paints a vivid picture of a scientific community in danger of losing its objectivity in the face of pressure from the commercial sector.

Legislation allowing GM food to be developed and sold has been passed worldwide. As a consequence, huge corporations like Monsanto, whose pesticides cover a large proportion of the Unites States’ agricultural production, are being allowed to subject us to products whose effects have not been fully tested, or have even been found to be harmful.

This documentary persuasively argues that the future of scientific freedom is under threat. Today, 95 per cent of research into genetic engineering is paid for by industry interests and objectivity, supposedly the very core of scientific discipline, is a likely casualty. So can we, the public, still trust our scientists?

DAY LATER UPDATE: Monsanto Shifts ALL Liability to Farmers.

Here is the paragraph that defines Monsanto's limit of liability that shifts it to the farmer:


G. Edward Griffin, author of 'The Creature From Jekyll Island', and numerous other books and documentary films, and Anthony Patchett, retired assistant Head Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County Environmental Crimes/ OSHA Division explain the consequences of the Monsanto contract in the video below.

Glen Greenwald - Cognitive Infiltration - HPGary Anonymised

today's Keiser Report is UTTERLY AMAZING, as it seems to highlight a most horrifically pernicious and ruthlessly endemic culture of subversion among the global banking elite.

Some of the players in this issue of Keiser Report include BANK OF AMERICA, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, ANOMYMOUS, HPGARY, BOOZ-ALLEN HAMILTON (remember those guys from earlier posts I've done featuring the information of Anti-Illuminati), I mean these are no small corporate players attacking a blogger and lawyer Glen Greenwald who writes for

HPGARY boasted that they had infiltrated 'Hacktivists' ANONYMOUS and then ANONYMOUS hacked HPGARY and downloading then publishing 50,000 internal emails on the internet, showing how COGNITIVE INFILTRATION (a Cass Sunstein term) was being planned against ANY proponents or supporters of WIKILEAKS.

HPGARY are one of the companies bidding to provide persona management software that invents multiple ACCOUNTS on chatrooms and forums to 'influence concensus'. It's all real sick (and illegal) resurrection of the old Propaganda Phoenix. Hideous. Just hideous.

Julian Assange finally gets that dream holiday in Sweden then

looks like WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange's London Extradition Hearing has concluded IN FAVOUR of his returning to Sweden to answer questions about 'sexual misconduct with faulty condom'. Apparently, this is how it's done in Sweden - you're asked questions before being charged.

I mean, as a FREE PLANET advocate, I've really enjoyed the babbling brook of WIKILEAKS coverage over the last few years but I'm not at all sure what WIKILEAKS is or who its handlers really are. Do you? And when you answer in the 'forthright positive', are you 100% certain of those convictions? Really? You don't really know who controls media figures like Julian Assange, do you. Nor do you really know what AGENDA (my new favourite word) any group of financial scumbags on this Corporate Prison Planet have behind every stage-managed political movement on the board.

You. Just. Don't. Know.

For me, this just furthers my Free Planet cause to END ALL GAMES. We're all adults now, we don't need the 'toys of a spoiled childhood' any more. END ALL GAMES, that's what the title of this report should have been. Just show us the truth on every fucking fork so that You The People can get on with organising your futures from this point on and return your poisoned, butchered, raped homeworld to something like the paradise it used to be before Empire trumped Empathy.

Mike Philbin on Rumor Mill News Radio, again

I wasn't a scheduled guest on Wendesday 23rd February's THREE HOUR RUMOR MILL NEWS radio show (allegedly renamed RESISTANCE MOVEMENT NETWORK thanks to yours truly) but I did take up the impromptu invitation from the chatroom to once again share the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the hundreds of thousands of global listeners, about this Free Planet upon which nearly seven billion individuals live.

I mean, it was fun. I laughed and giggles as I'm wont to do. Yeah, I quite enjoyed myself, as both listener AND participant, but many who listened to the show live and/or were in the chatroom throughout have since commented to me that they thought I didn't get a fair crack at the whip in terms of 'airtime'. This then is an attempt to prove them wrong. To show them that throughout the three hours of on-air time I did indeed contribute constructively to the show on PLENTY OF OCCASSIONS.

Therefore, I've gone back in and editing together, from the original three hours of Wednesday's show, the relevant segments where I was able to put across in-depth and lucid editorial statements about ending Corporate War Games for PROFIT, LAND and ASSET, Governmental Transparency and Diversity of Individual Thought so that you can share, with me, the important message our race is trying (desperately) to understand.

It's quite comprehensive, in effect, wanna hear it?

And there you go. FUN, eh?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ex-KGB Uri Bezmenov On Ideological Indoctrination

for those of you who haven't seen Angelina Jolie's SALT, I recommend you do so, as soon as you can - but remember, it's only a film, it's only Hollywood. Watching of this film may or may not be relevant to your inclusion in or avoidance of the meat-grinding machine of the future Corporate Control Grid.

You know, it may have seemed like a perfect dream, that Ex-KGB Uri Bezmenov defected from Russia, at the end of the Cold War, like the prophet of a new Messiah, to warn us of the process of "Ideological Indoctrination". And we didn't listen. And that's probably a good thing. He was, after all, by definition, a potential disinformation agent.

Just for the record, then, here's Uri Bezmenov's in 1984, in this 81 minutes interview with G Edward Griffin, explaining the four "Active Measures" of ideological indoctrination.

DEMORALISATION (15-20 years)
CRISIS (6 weeks)
NORMALISATION (may last indefinitely...)

Information is power. Chaaanging their GAME is REAL POWER.

For me, YOU THE PEOPLE of this ruined homeworld, this poisoned rock spinning through space, have to start MAKING UP YOUR OWN MINDS, what do you really want from the Free Planet upon which you're lucky enough to live? Do you want ruthless PROFIT? Do you want crippling BENEFIT? Or do you want purposeful FREEDOM?

It's time to start thinking AS A PLANETARY RACE, seven million adult individuals under one Sun. Abstracted models of intellectual manipulation must be eradicated, for the good of mankind.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cafe Press - Free Planet t-shirts

you might think this is a bit cynical, selling FREE PLANET t-shirts through Cafe Press but when you hear I AM TAKING NO COMMISSION for these wearable statements you'll understand that I'm only trying to spread the word and awaken the public to the possibilities of Creativity, Passion & Kinship.


T-shirts that you're proud to wear in public, for me, is a great way to promote the idea of a FREE PLANET to the wider public in all countries. You want to support this blog financially, consider leaving a DONATION via the paypal button on the top-right of this blog. It's your decision how you take part in THE AWAKENING OF MANKIND.

Free Planet - creativity, passion & kinship - part two.

"A King would never let down his people!" this is how people used to think.

A King is put into power by YOU THE PEOPLE so that His Office can protect yourselves, your women and your children from harm. Within the Kingdom, the people are free to express their hopes and grievances to their King and he will do what he can - to the best of his abilities. Even if you don't LIKE the idea of a King, the basic concept is well-intentioned enough. The King of an ancient tribe was like a hierarchic father figure; he would be the first into battle when conflict arose, he had the passion of his convictions that no one should harm his people, and was more than willing to show the enemy that the name of his tribe would continue on through history as long as their was blood in his veins, breath in his lungs and passion in his heart.

A King would never let down his people.

But that King, that benevolent philanthropist (however tyrannical/individual his methods of rule), is all but dead. He has been sold out by his people by the lure of PROFIT. After many centuries of border negotiation and inter-marriage with neighbouring tribes, the King finds a new mercenary plague within his lands promising his people TRUE FREEDOM and RICHES BEYOND THEIR WILDEST DREAMS if they were to abandon the King and come and work for them in their stateless company.

These mercenary companies GREW AND GREW, soaking up skilled workers and apprentices from all over the tribes of the world, enslaving their people by financial reward. There are now mercenary companies and conglomerate associations for every trade you can think of, basically prisons of commerce. The King has been robbed of his greatest asset, his people. And some would say this is a really good thing, "King's are nought but egotists with a Messiah complex." But you're missing the point.

Passion has been transplanted with Profit.

Yet, the old tribal borders brokered over decades of bartering with neighbouring tribes still remain, and the mercenary companies like it like that. This gives them insurance value, future accountability and power over life and death, every option to manage their PROFIT. These old borders make YOU THE PEOPLE think that your freedoms are exactly the same as they were under your protective King. But you have NO PROTECTION. You are an employee of a corporation. You pay rent to a corporation. You pay for your utilities to a corporation. You help repaint and replaster the walls of the corporation halls in the name of image and marketing.

YOU THE PEOPLE are slaves within this global corporate structure - you have none of the freedoms you thought you had, worst of all you are now the enemy of the corporation. Your increased standard of living threatens their profit margin and their annual report is dotted with black marks.

Solution? Global meltdown, conglomerate restructuring it's called. Coming to a village, town or city near you. And the streets of your village, town or city will run red with the blood of dignified people torn to pieces by the ruthless mercenary gangs who LIED to you YOU in the name of RICHES you could never achieve.

The only one who loses is YOU, THE PEOPLE ... unless you wake up, unless you put down the toys of corporate war and GROW UP.

Unless you go, "Yeah, this should be a Free Planet. We should live within and carefully manage our global resources. We should use once-patented technologies so that local solutions can be found for empire overspend." until we all have this over-riding PASSION for our homeworld and are pro-active in replacing, rejuvenating and revitalising this poisoned earth, we will remain nothing but dull-witted slaves of a self-destructive abstract, the profit/loss account.

We must have PASSION for Free Planet to exist, and sustain.

See also: part one

Saturday, February 19, 2011


by Mike Philbin

I wanna live in a world full of silent witness
a cryogenic world, faces pressed up against frosted glass for eternity
a twisted, crippled sentence world, a lamb slaughter of impunity
a loving world made of cheesy grins and lessons in deceit
a heterosexual world – full of lesbians
a labia mine crammed with second-hand sex toys world
a sinister world of pain, wrestled into a knot by school mistresses
a dancing world, a changing chancing sly round-the-back world
a late night luxury chocolate gateau world
a wordless world where magic matters and life is sharp like a needle,

I wanna live in a space world made of living chrome paintings that cry human tears
a lost world where I will never find truth
a spaceship world in the middle of the crash desert, epidermiscorched
a paper aeroplane world flying down the storm drain
a roundabout world orbited by shuddering ice cream vans
a patchwork world, lost for choice
a sewer world, a fewer world, a newer world of cerebral horror bats
a test tube world with my dead twin placentaing all round me
a verbless, internet world of instant gratification – no living pronouns,

I wanna live in a foster world, borrowed from a widow of shadows
a carpet flavoured world, a spiral staircase surrogate world
a dirty razor blade bathtub ring world
a world with no name and no way to be born
a typeset world in Cyrillic, million point, embossed
a permanently engaged world, a mobile phone bashed world
a saucer of milk world of cat’s cream smiles and furballs
a long back alley cobbled to death by meteors in August world
a constantly dancing siren of light world
a leper world, a collector world, a colloquial world of sores,

I wanna live in a purple world of proverbs
a lecturing world to a sea of blank faces
a tortoise shell world broken open by adrenaline stinking natives
a Go-Go world, a big fat titty wiggling ripped back foreskin world
a steady world of nine pm to five am murder in the dark world
a motorway world, six lanes of death wish 2001
a movie world, randomly edited to mirror the weather
a complex world of digital crime, numbers are my friends
a corporate suicide world – don’t take any prisoners now
a saucy naughty raunchy haunchy paunchy world in the country,

I wanna live in a world where you are dead and your kids are real tall
a fan-based world drawn together by signatures stretching to infinity
a copious flagons of lurid copy world, drunk on prose
a world outside of the world, just off-off world, not lost, just out there
a child hammered to death by a strange man I met in a bar world
a world of 24-7 news reports – mundane bliss of fish underfoot
a congested world of someone’s obituary
a rank old diary of poems world, pages the colour of porridge
a violent, silent, soylent green, blue pink eater world of wells,

I wanna live in a miniature world of toy aeroplanes underfoot
a kid’s world where you never grow beards and your ears never wax
a seaside world of totem poles, pole dancers entertaining hole 19
a chocolate egg broken by a fist world
a world of sushi eating your face from the plate
a world skewered by chopsticks – a poignant reminder world
a lost logo world – what is our identity without graphics
a saucer shaped world, buzzing middle America for kicks
a lesson learnt world where consequence and permanent fittings help
a fugitive world stripped of exit signs,

I wanna live in a late night lady friends sobbing on the phone world
a lesbian world full of heterosexual puppies
a couple eating each others feet on live TV world
a comfy chair of sorrow world, a nonsense of cherished ego world
a beagle world, tested to death in many different and inviting ways
a heap in the corner world, stinking of vomit and nicotine patches
a methodone for everyone except the polite ones world
a floating breasts for the sharks world
a carrot from the ground denouncing all slugs and maggots and lice world
a terrible world, but that will never happen,

I wanna live in a synthetic tits world paid for by rent boy armies donating charitably
a daily world of obesity reports on cable channel
a vomit world
a comet world
a come up and see my vagina lips, suck my phallus for money world
a polite butcher thin slicing loin rashers from the neighbours world
a coach stalled on the train tracks world
a world of nothing new, change the fucking record, fella
a fetish world of fantasy and fashion, incarnate latex nose clippers
a pervert, skin tugging his nipples with a Chinese silk hook world,

I wanna live in a bad world, you know, terrible architecture, I-beams rule the roost
a speedboat carving slices of brainmeat for waves world
a handholding, teasing, full frontal interview world of abstraction
a real world, flapping flesh from dusk till dawn, sauce eaters united
a gogo world, fat men and women lost in lust
a gogo world, stuck on a rocking boat, laughing at your belly
a throat razor, hair shaver, meat pie filler, dramatic actor world of id
a textureless, 50 frames a second on PAL world
a frameless world, just glass embedded in the cheekbones like you
your eyes,

I wanna live in your mind, summer vacations of dull weather and fetish fashion
a world full of autopsy
a silk shirt opened by a knickerless woman world, on my back
a bed of nails world, five ton elephant on my chest
a prostrate cancer menu world of delightful charity
a world free of lice
a locust storm coming your way
a your back alley all night, eating my chips with my fingers world
a back yard of a serial killer playing his piano world of keys
a lazy world in the sunspot heat of interrogation.

US Patent - Nervous system manipulation - Electromagnetic fields from monitors

it was once thought that only film and TV delivered SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES to the gullible consumers, but what's the thing most people, as part of their work or leisure, sit in front of to take orders from those who'd have us under their thumb - their computer monitors.

Very interesting HUMAN CONTROL patent details from 2003 below:

US Patent:
United States Patent 6,506,148
Loos, January 14, 2003

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors


Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity.

All's I can say to that is, "Remember Orson Welles's great WAR OF THE WORLDS radio experiment on OCtober 30th 1938."

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mirror's Edge 2 - CANCELLED or REPRIEVED?

MIRROR'S EDGE (from EA's Swedish studio, DICE) was so full of potential, an interesting take on the first person adventure that was all about hands-on Parkour escapism, unarmed combat and clean future worlds in high resolution. But it wasn't the most satisfying game, according to review, even with a tagged-on PhysX enhancement for PC versions. I mean, even based on the original trailer (below) I personally sent in a long list of enhancements to DICE to catch all the obvious gotchas before the game came out.

Well, it came out, without much in the way of interface additions or skeletal-body helpers. And, by all accounts the game was OVER in less than a day's play. It was necssarily no surprise when EA recently announced that a demo of Mirror's Edge 2 hadn't secured a contract for the sequel.

But according to THE ESCAPIST, there might be an eleventh hour reprieve. Here's how good Mirror's Edge game should have been, could have been, with suitable enhancements to the LookSee interface and story.

And, you know, I always hoped that Mirror's Edge 2 would be the SUPERIOR VERSION of that original demo, so packed with representational potential.

Platige Image - Fallen Art - Tomek Baginski

CINEMATIC INTERLUDE: Fallen Art - Tomek Baginski (Poland, 2005)

In an old forgotten military base far from civilization, a group of deranged military officers nurture their insanity.

More info @ FALLEN ART website.

OIL DOOM - The blood of Kouan Kouan.

as James Cameron's scathing anti-corporate-war-for-profit message AVATAR would put it, "Just more fly-bitten savages standing in the way of Progress."

This documentary is dedicated to the Tetete and Sansahuari tribes. Their voices were silenced forever at the dawn of the 21st Century on account of the region’s… “development”.

I've just watched the second part of THE BLOOD OF KOUAN KOUAN on Russia Today and this isi youir chance to watch it too, FOLLOW THE LINK.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mike, is FREE PLANET your new religion?

this is a fantastic question. And I realise I have become more adamant in my recent FREE PLANET procalamations.

But let's examine the question, "Mike, is FREE PLANET your new religion?"

First, we have to wonder where such a question came from. Well, for the purposes of this post, it came from me - obviously.

I know, I know, it could have come from an interested party, but that would then be delivering the lie that this blog has enough readers for 'interested parties' to intelligently concern themselves with anything I write.


Quoting from my tattered-from-use Concise Oxford English dictionary (7th edition):
RELIGION (n): particular system of faith and worship.

Pretty vague then, just to keep the believers on their toes, like heretics being tortured over flames.

Is FREE PLANET an issue of 'faith'? Is this refering to the ascribed quality of subservience to dogma that affects 'character and personality'? Well, in a way, yeah, I guess it is. But not in the way that you've been trained, little corporate war economy monkeys, you haven't learned the FREE PLANET dogma yet. You're yet to awaken to that dream.

Is FREE PLANET an issue of 'worship'? Is this referring to the concept of 'adoring as divine, paying homage to or idolising'? Again, I'd have to say, yeah, it's probably about all that but ... wait, where are you looking? There's nothing in the heavens that's gonna help you here. FREE PLANET isn't about blaming The Creator. It's about realising that WE THE CUSTODIANS OF OUR HOMEWORLD have allowed the Corporate Firesale to run rife for too long without clubbing together and helping douse the flames.

But it's time to take it all back from them, it's time to DE-RUIN our homeworld.


What do you think you're doing here on Planet Earth?


Do you have to have MOMMY tell you when to wipe your nose? Gather round some fucking fire in the middle of the night somewhere and realise that YOU ALL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG ... you do! But you're being constantly knee-capped or head-whacked by THE ONSLAUGHT of the make money machine that's imprisoned almost all the minds and murdered almost all the diversity on this planet.


Free this Planet from the Corporate War Economy, love your neighbour, and get on with having fun!

Close all the zoos and RE-WILD this once-gorgeous homeworld and educate our kids how to live in such a world.

There is no GAIA in a Free Planet discussion, there are NO personality gods that we may pay homage to, offer money to, or sacrifice children too. That's silly. Oh... Yeah, it's still silly, even if you're doing this IN THE NAME OF YOUR RELIGION.

FREE PLANET is not about SPIRITU-ality, it's about RE-ality. For far too many millennia, mankind has cowered conspiratorially behind his Gods, his Deities, his Word just so long as it's useful to his GAME OF GLOBAL RISK. But it's a game of limiting returns and NO-ONE SEEMS TO GET THAT.

So, what does FREE PLANET worship, if it's a religion?

YOU THE PEOPLE, that's all Free Planet has. I'm not sure if I'd term you all a collective deity, but it wouldn't be far from the physical truth. You are, after all, all 6,999,000,000 of you at last count, the only ones who can save us all from the ABSTRACTED profit/loss account of corporate greed, empire bilding and asset stripping.

Freed from the dogma of consumerism, YOU THE PEOPLE all know the difference between right and wrong, you all know how rubbish empire structures are and are sick of paying for them, you all deserve local solutions to these handed-down problems. Let us no longer repaint the bridge every time we finish painting it. Let us allow the bridge to crumble, naturally. Return what was never meant to be on this FREE PLANET to its rightful place, in the ground.

Mike, is FREE PLANET your new religion? Gah, I don't know. I don't wear a dog-collar or any special ceremonial garb when I type. I don't have wealthy patrons. I don't have enormous CASTLES IN THE SKY. I don't have a worldwide propaganda arm, drumming this shit into the hapless children 24/7, 365.

FREE PLANET is anything you want it to be. As long as Creativity, Passion and Kinship are paramount in your re-ignited mindset. Are you aboard for the ride?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SEX OFFENDER'S REGISTER - no legal debate

people who've been put in jail for sex offences face being put on a SEX OFFENDER'S REGISTER for life. This is all over the Corporate War Machine-controlled mainstream media, this morning, and why should You The People care?

Well, our justice system is simple on this: Commit the crime, do the time.

Or let's put it this way, DONE THE TIME. End of. If the justice system allows a prisoner (even a sex offender) to leave prison once he's done the time, the implication is HE/SHE'S BEEN PUNISHED ENOUGH, that's what his/her sentence reflected.

Why don't we have a REGISTER for anyone who's been to jail for ANY or EVERY crime? When you let a fraudster out of jail, he/she isn't put on a FRAUDSTERS REGISTER. When you let a thief out of jail, he/she isn't put on a THIEF'S REGISTER. When you let a tax dodger our of jail, he/she isn't put on a TAX DODGER'S REGISTER. In fact, when someone leave the Armed Forces, he/she isn't put on a CORPORATE MURDERER'S REGISTER because he has executed people in foreign lands with bombs, guns, knives, missile or the heal of his boot, the butt of his rifle. Think of all the clearly-psychopathic drones who've spent time in army intelligence setting up field operations and working behind the scenes in a detached zombie-like fasion, do we BLACKLIST THOSE PEOPLE FOREVER, after their service? Should ex-politicians go on a POLITICIANS REGISTER so that they'll never make it into Commercial Power post-parliament?

No. And why is that? Well, because you can't assign these pre-justice values to FREE PEOPLE. You can't go around TATTOOING free humans because of their debt-paid obligation. That's technically "prejudice".

If you're set free from jail by the justice system ALL YOUR PRE-CRIME RIGHTS should be returned to you. ALL OF THEM, by law.

Basically, PROFIT-based government should stop sticking its nose in where it's not welcome. Things like a SEX OFFENDERS REGISTER are all about setting up tensions within a community and making sure that people are a) afraid of and b) willing to report on 'anyone a corporate government doesn't like at any random point in history for any arbitrary reason'; basically, an abuse of Justice.

You can't pre-arrest or pre-accuse ANYONE of ANY CRIME in this western world. You have to PROVE the crime has been done(!) past tense. That's just how our JUSTICE SYSTEM works, and don't let any mainstream media talking headpiece convince you otherwise.


Brit Awards - Take That - riot squad promotion


and it's not the first time it's happened, remember Beyonce's Grammy Awards performance in 2010? Here's reformed Brit group TAKE THAT attempting to get cheap headlines on CONCERNED BLOGS like this one.

I mean, you can SELL YOUR SOUL TO SATAN like this, if you want - but what's the point?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Film preview - Haruki Murakami - Norwegian Wood

I must be, like, the very last Haruki Murakami fan to find out about the cinematic version of his #1 Japanese bestselling novel NORWEGIAN WOOD.

Haruki Murakami's bestselling novel is brought to the screen by Tran Anh Hung (Golden Lion winner for CYCLO and Academy Award nominee for THE SCENT OF GREEN PAPAYA) and features Japanese rising star Kenichi Matsuyama (DEATH NOTE, DETROIT METAL CITY) and Oscar nominee Rinko Kikuchi (BABEL) alongside newcomer Kiko Mizuhara. [source SODA PICTURES]

I thoroughly enjoyed the film version of Murakami's TONY TAKITANI, let's see how this one fares when it hits our shores.

Max Keiser - UK government shall not do deals with terrorists...

of course, this being Max Keiser, by terrorists he's talking about the Coalition's recent PROJECT MERLIN deal with the City of London bankers...

that Max Keiser, he's such a bad lad:

WARDENS OF PEGASUS - astral experiment in self-deception

it started with this flippant question of Alien Contact, "If I were an ANT, how could I break through into the Human Realm without getting myself crushed by a thumb or boiled with water?"


How does a human being communicate with those HIGHER ORDER BEINGS who might be watching our every move from the comfort of their cloaked existence, without interfering with their schedule?

Simple, thought I - MEMORIES.

But why memories? It's like an ANT drawing a CIRCLE to attract our attention, this shows intelligence and tacit understanding of communication. So it'll be with spacetime travellers such as those who ferry themselves across the stare. By CONSCIOUSLY REMEMBERING, as vividly as we are able, are we not demonstrating to these higher order beings that we can do the equivalent of the ANT DRAWING A CIRCLE, showing that we can (like them) travel back through space and time at our will?

Memories are physical traces through space and time. Aren't they? When we have the memory, say from our childhood and because our parent spiral galaxy is spinning very rapidly through space, this memory was generated HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF GALACTIC MILES away.

And it sorta ties in with my organic and artificial souls post of a few days ago. Before nodding off, I took 'an astral trip to the centre of the sun', battling my way against the solar wind, thinking that as all the stars in this spiral galaxy had to be connected this'd be the best place to 'communicate with the stars'. That's where, with my breathing regulated and my eyes wide open, I started to REMEMBER as vividly as I was able. Even NAMES from my past came rushing back, too (I'm usually shit with names).

4:44 a.m.

Woke up with a racing heart and eyes still sparking bright flashes, dream fragments:

i) at the house of a relative (one I 'remembered vividly' in the pre-sleep experiment) there was a vast, powerful and terrifying plasma-electric discharge at the end of the washing line and we had to call out the electrician, everything in the kitchen was affected, energised.

ii) a group of us were 'preparing to leave' (whatever this means) and while we were packing there was a volcanic explosion on the land our 'mobile home' was on. I tried to finish packing but more and more ground explosions rippled through, showing the MAGMA beneath. We ran outside, trying to run across a lethally fracturing terrain. Ended up swimming across lava, with my jumper over my hands because of the scorching heat.

iii) met up with a few 'survivors' and as all my teeth continued to fall out, just the enamel cover, the roots were fine, and firing.

Oh, yeah, as I lay there post-dream, I tried another experiment and got the crystal clear message WARDENS OF PEGASUS. So, if this were at all relevant and not just the act of self-deceptive mind-danger, I'd say we look towards the constellation of Pegasus for our extra-dimensional neighbours.

IN THE CONSTELLATION PEGASUS: 51 Pegasi (abbreviated 51 Peg) is a Sun-like star located 50.9 light-years (15.6 parsecs) from Earth in the constellation Pegasus. It was the first extrasolar Sun-like star found to have a planet orbiting it. Maybe this is where we should be looking. Maybe the whole universe is festooned with earth-like planets brimming with intelligent likfe, like ours (well, I say intelligent...)

ADDITIONAL TIDBITS IN 2012:  Andrew D Basiago claims he was (as a child) part of PROJECT PEGASUS, a space-time travelling Pentagon/Darpa black-budget program from the 1970's using 'chronovision', that's TIME VIEWING. Claims include 'trips to Mars' and 'the Rumsfeld/9-11 connection'. It's all wonderfully fanciful, so uniquely inventive, as to be IMPOSSIBLE TO BE TRUE.

Here's a full interview with the man, WARDENS OF PEGASUS, indeed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I AM NUMBER FOUR - you have no idea what I'm capable of

basically, the guy who produced the "Transformers" films produces an ANNUNAKI RETURNS rollercoaster ride. Directed by the guy who directed the "Eagle Eye" film. Stars the guy who was the MI6 spy kid in "Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker" film. And 'some random love interest masquerading as a narrative device'. That vague enough for ya?

And what's the symbolism of THREE VISITORS in this film? Weren't there also THREE VISITORS in the recent black pebbles and child abduction climax of KNOWING? Three Wise Kings? The Holy Trinity? Three sexes?

What? Three sexes? Yeah, you've all read Octavia Butler's XENOGENESIS trilogy about the three sexes, right?

9-11 is it Live or is it Livery?

someone really needs to look into these insane claims ...

I'm English and (even though I'm no fan of Corporate War for Asset, Ownership and PROFIT) they're giving me a problem or three. The claims go so deeply to the root of what we think Englishness really is. Can anything in this hour-long assessment of the real perpetrators of 9-11 be trusted?


Sunday, February 13, 2011

James Cameron to step down as Avatar 2 writer/director?

I know, it's wishful thinking for the sheer purpose of narrative and directorial tightening, but it makes sense for James Cameron to step down as Avatar 2 writer/director.

James Cameron is an innovator, an ideasman.
George Lucas is an innovator, an ideasman.
Both directors have sustained concerned critical downdressing for their writing/directing shortcomings.

Think of it this way, how much better as a cinematic experience is "Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back" by the Kershner/Brackett/Kasdan team than the original "Star Wars: a New Hope" by Lucas?

Exactly, we all 'respect' Lucas's original effort. It was the stand-out movies of the seventies in so many ways. But it was weak, in terms of story and direction.

Same with Avatar (a movie I LOVE for its conceptual audacity and visual panache) it all came across as a little too wordy and was directed with a condescending hand, like we wouldn't understand a straight story of corporate invasion of indigenous alien moon or something.

James Cameron kicks ass in the ideas/art/conceptualisation/engineering department. His films feel REAL, as in they've existed forever. Solid. Alive. But his characters and stories are messy, weak, drippy at best, overbearing and ponderous at worst.

I can't wait to see what James Cameron has in store for Avatar 2 (the undersea adventure?). He is the man when it comes to displaying his concerns for the planet under an onslaught of commercial gluttony. Stay at the helm in the CREATIVE UNITY department, in the MAKING IT WORK, in the STEERING THE SHIP department. But please, please, Mr Cameron, please step away from the gun. Please hand over the writing/directing of Avatar 2 to a more savage writer/directing team so you can get on with 'some other pet project'. Know your strengths and play to them.

And it's not just Cameron I'm targeting, it's the same with another of my favourite directors David Cronenberg, who always insists on writing his own versions of his films. If only he'd let a decent writer pen the action for him to direct, I think he'd have made a lot more SOLID films by now. Gah, this has been a Philbin Critique, a mere Observation.

Friday, February 11, 2011

DONO - demoreel - 2011

now this guy's got balls - DONO's shimmeringly ergonomic 3D demoreel that he's sent to Pixar and Industrial Light & Magic 'for a job'.

dono demoreel 2011 from dono et frenchman on Vimeo.

sheer audacity alone, I'd give this pixel-junkie a job.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

UK revenue spend, 2009 - 2010

if there are roughly 62 million UK inhabitants, this is something like £10,100 spent on every person in 2009/10, right? Did you have just over £10,000 spent on you in 2009/10?


Finance Trivia Note: Did you know that the four major banks in UK made more than £25 BILLION PROFIT last financial year, that's on top of all their costs, all their outgoings and bonuses -- I have no idea of the gross value of those four banks. And did you know that the value of PROPERTY in the UK is worth nearly £6 TRILLION! Money the banks are owed by You The People. Just thought that might interest you, knowing that our coalition government has cunningly negotiated an almighty $2.5 billion per year from the banks in their recent kid-gloves-tax "bank levy" and their Project Merlin initiative has made them get assurances from the banks that they will "start lending money to businesses again..." you know, just so you can appreciate the real value of irony.

unfair tax burden - registered COMPANY taxed on net earnings - registered PERSON taxed on gross earnings

in terms of tax revenue, a COUNTRY is made up of its registered COMPANYs and its registered PERSONs.

registered entity that earns revenue for their COUNTRY of registration

registered entity that earns revenue for their COUNTRY of registration.

As you can see, both these registered entities earn revenue for their COUNTRY of registration. But there's a BIG DIFFERENCE in the tax burden of these two entities called RUNNING COSTS.

We all know what the running costs of a COMPANY are: assets (property and equipment) & liabilities (wages, amenities, loans etc...) A COMPANY can deduct these values from their gross earnings before being taxed: this is known as pre-tax profit.

Well, if the legal definition of COMPANY and PERSON are so alike, why are PERSONs not allowed to deduct their 'running costs' before they are taxed on their earnings? Yes, there's a P.A.Y.E. pre-tax 'allowance' for a registered PERSON so let's do the accounting with some generous figures to see the unfairness.

PERSON (with pre-tax allowance)
earns £25,000 p/a
pre-tax allowance £5,000
£25,000 earnings - £5,000 pre-tax allowance = £20,000
P.A.Y.E. contribution 25% of £20,000 = £5,000

Now, let's apply the pre-tax PROFIT trick to a PERSON'S tax calculation

PERSON (with running costs)
earns £25,000 p/a
running costs (rent/loan £10,000, transport £1,125, utilities £1,000, food £4,000) p/a
£25,000 -£10,000 -£1,125 -£1,000 -£4,000 = £8,875
tax contribution 25% of £8,875 = £2218.75

Wow, LESS THAN HALF THE TAX BURDEN per PERSON - isn't that amazing!

And saving a PERSON a couple of thousand pounds isn't even the point of this exercise. The point is, it's GROSSLY UNFAIR to tax one revenue-contributing entity one way and another revenue-contributing entity completely differently. Imagine if COMPANYs had to cover their own running costs, the way PERSONs are asked to do?

You know? Fair's fair.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

THE NAKED SCIENTIST - Giants in Africa - homo heidelbergensis

Our Story: Human Ancestor Fossils

Professor Lee Burger, University of Witwatersrand

One of the fantastic opportunities we had in South Africa was to visit the collection of fossils at Witwatersrand University. They have a collection of about 30% of the fossils found in Africa that tell us about how we evolved from ape-like creatures into modern humans. Professor Lee Berger took us though some of the highlights of the collection, piecing together three million years of evolution in the process. One of the most interesting things that the fossil record reveals is that we went through a period of extreme giantism. These were people routinely over 7ft tall, they were huge. This was before we turned into the modern humans of today.

Lee - You’ve probably heard the myth that ancient humans were tiny and some of them were tiny. But, as we moved through the period of 0.5 million to 300,000 years ago in Africa we move into the sort of mystery period where there’s just a tiny handful of fossils. The ones we find from that part are incredibly intriguing. By this time you’re going to begin seeing Neanderthals in Europe. Inside of Africa they go through one of the most incredible things that we’ve only just begun to realise. They go through a period of giantism. What I’m pulling out of this bag may shock you!

Chris - Oooh!

Lee - Hahaha.

Chris - What we’re looking at is the most enormous femur: the bit that forms your hip joint. That’s huge. As a doctor I know how big they normally are, that’s huge.
[read more at THE NAKED SCIENTIST]

listen to the interview

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Scarred Lands & Wounded Lives - the environmental cost of war - trailer

The Geneva Conventions (protocol 1, Article 35) bans weapons that "cause superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering," as well as means of warfare that "cause widespread, long-term, and severe damage to the natural environment."

When we make war, we destroy not only the enemy, we destroy our earth as well. In all its stages - from the production of weapons through combat to clean up - war entails actions that pollute land, air and water, destroy biodiversity and drain natural resources.

Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives shows how war and preparations for war further compromise the environmental health of a planet already under stress from massive population increases, unsustainable demands on natural resources, and a multitude of other environmental practices.

Max Keiser - Blythe Masters - food wars

This week, Max and co-host Stacy Herbert talk about fake rice and real inequality, basically FOOD WARS. They also discuss a ‘new model’ that looks a whole lot like an old model called capitalism. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Pierre Jovanovic, author of Blythe Masters, about credit default swaps, the Queen of commodities and Marie Antoinette.

The English-language version of Pierre Jovanovic's book BLYTHE MASTERS is out in June 2011.

Corporate War Dates 1812 1912 2012

it seems like there are ALWAYS patterns to attempts at Global Dominance.

I highlighted the first day of the Coptic Calendar September 11th the other day. Today, I'd like to take a look at 'what normally happens shortly after the first decade of each new century, namely the 1812 war, the 1912 war* and the 2012 war.

Here in the UK, at schools, we were always taught about the UK/FR NAPOLEONIC war. We didn't hear much about the UK/USA war of independence or the FR/USSR war. As children owned by an island nation, we were taught local information that could fuel our patriotism and improve our hatred of foreigners. We were rarely given a glimpse of THE BIG PICTURE.

I understand there's been a lot of PRESS COVERAGE (and films) about 'the last day of the Mayan Calendar in 2012' but this is looking like a wonderful COVER STORY for other Corporate War Mischief, leading to a greater than thought possible GLobal Takeover. It's what we're paying for, as TAX PAYERS, to have the wool pulled over our eyes by the Intelligence Services, so that neither we nor the enemy will know what's really going on and we can simply continue to fund the Great Chess Game.

I realise there's no PUBLIC PLAN for a 2012 war but the circumstances surrounding that date, like September 11th 2001 and tactical invasions in the Middle East during the first decade of this century, the UK-US-gov-aided topplings of Sovereign Arab States certainly POINT TOWARDS THE INEVITABLE.

What I'm saying here is that for the last two hundred years or more, the world has been a very small place. Navies (and now Air Forces) have allowed those who'd want Global Governance for their own commercial reasons, be it the heroine trade of the East India Companies or the oil trade of the Halliburtons and the BPs or the trade in human traffic, children or workers. Basically, we can tell when a play is being made for GLOBAL DOMINATION because 'all sorts of seemingly-disconnected things' start to happen all over the world, leaving people to wonder, "What's going on?"

What say you, historians?

* yeah, the first world war is historically known as the 1914-18 but the war proper started as early as 1912, look up The Balkans War 1912-13.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Finite number of souls - organic and artificial

back in July of 2010, I wrote a blogpost called A finite number of souls and rather than editing that thing, I thought it would be best to do a new blogpost on EXACTLY THE SAME SUBJECT and see what you'all think of it.

The basic premise before was 'there was a finite number of souls shared between all living things' and the more HUMAN souls there are (because of the idiotic 'go forth and multiply crowd') the less ANIMAL souls there are to go around, which means basically a starved over-populace.

Now this was BAD ENOUGH, but further thought on the subject might suggest an even worse scenario --- and it all revolved around the concept 'How many identities do "I" have'?

By this I mean, "When a soldier torches a village of children, as part of his orders, does he lose his soul?" well, obviously not, so that leaves two options. There is no punishment for EVIL for an entity with a single soul; no morals, no guilt, no SIN. Or... There are more than one soul IN EACH OF US; a soul for each conflicting occasion of our complex lives.

But this throws up an interesting problem ... how many souls do each of us have? Three? Fourteen? Fifty? And if we have souls, do animals also have souls? And how many? And how do we categorise our multi-soulness? Is it based on SOCIABILITY, say. Isn't it obvious that, as a communal race, we feed off each other, so maybe we SHARE A FINITE NUMBER OF SOULS between us all to cover for these 'seemingly immoral moments' we're forced to partake in, or allowed to partake in because of our 'role in life' at that time. And so do the 'other wild animals' we share this planet with.

So we're better off because, as we all share a finite number of 'character souls', so there's soully salvation around the corner for what could have been a decaying planetary fauna. But we're not better off, we're not better off at all. Humans having souls (and perhaps sharing them with animals) is not the real problem.

THE SOUL ITSELF is the real problem.

How so? Well, we have to look what a soul is. As stone is dead. A table is dead. Water is dead. It has no soul. But what is the exact definition? Well, it's about the TRANSFER OF ENERGY. The soul, in our newly defined form, becomes a SYSTEM THAT HAS THE ABILITY TO CONVERT ZERO POINT ENERGY FROM ONE FORM TO ANOTHER. A living system, if you will.

Like a plant photosynthesising the sun's energy.
Like a wolf digesting an elk.
Like an earth processing the radiational energy of the sun through the mantle and atmosphere.

This gives us a whole new perspective on what THE SOUL might be. No longer is THE SOUL the 'sole preserve' (no pun intended) of Humans, but we can now extend that out to OTHER LIVING SYSTEMS, other pain-feeling systems, other energy converting systems. Even the earth has a soul, as a part of the Solar Soul Entity.

And now here's the real EARTH KILLER ... this is why we're truly fucked as a planet. Human Technology; you know what I'm talking about, the PERIODIC SOULS of the water kettle, the petrol car, the digital computer, the nuclear energy plant. All these ARTIFICIAL ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEMS, when they're working, act in the same way as organic souls.

And if there ARE A FINITE NUMBER OF SOULS, the proliferation of these artificial energy conversion machines are eating up the number of souls accessible to the organic world. What's basically happening is akin to the BORG INFILTRATION of the organic universe. For a star the size of our sun, for a planet the size of our earth, only a certain number of energy conversion systems can be accomodated at any one time. It's like an accounting table. Energy can not be created or destroyed, and as SOULS are a mechanism of energy conversion, the more likely we are to ERADICATE not only all other life forms from our once-glorious world but also OURSELVES.

Think about Google - this is now AN EXTENSION OF THE HUMAN SOUL, at least it's an extension of human memory. What's the first thing you do when you can't remember the name of 'that film about a washed-up boxer who makes a comeback and wins the trophy for Adrienne'? You GOOGLE it. Or some other search engine. You extend your organic soul into the artificial (or illusory) soul that we call the internet. That touch of the organic and the artificial COULD SPELL THE END FOR ALL OF MANKIND.

In summary, My concept of SOUL is directly related to the finite values of the EARTH and the SUN... but then there's also radiational influence and potential fed in from our GALACTIC CENTRE.

So, this may be all 'academic' ... UNLESS humanity starts to DRAIN the 'soul potential' of the neighbouring galaxy, angering our 'soulful' neighbours. And that wouldn't be a clever thing to do, would it?

The Medici Gallery - Graeme Wilcox - figurative colourist.

another great accidental 'art find moment' happened today, as myself and an old art colleague were wandering around London looking for inspirational visuals, at the Medici Gallery on Cork Street run by the very charming Joshua Meath Baker.

One of those GOTTA GO IN AND SEE THAT moments, that are so rare in life it isn't even funny. This eye-catching artist goes by the name of Graeme Wilcox, a graduate of Glasgow School of Art in 1993.

It was SO REFRESHING to walk into a London gallery and actually find an artist who can still paint the human figure, but above and beyond the anatomical excellence was Greame Wilcox's use of colour; so subtle and yet so fitting. Not wishy washy or bland but superbly well chosed for the subject matter.

To say that Greame Wilcox is a real colourist would be understating the obvious, it's also his use of subtle motion in his 'still life' portraits that really brings a more intellectualised re-thinking of Francis Bacon's whole 'captured moment' philosophy of artistic expression; but with a far greater depth of technique and artistic understanding.

Recommend you go right now (with prices as low as £2,000) and pick one of his originals off the walls before they all go.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Vietnam: American Holocaust - Gulf of Tonkin - Bombing Vietnam

By continuing to use such cynical 'false flag' tactics to influence coercion of You The People, isn't the Corporate War Machine repeating 'all the old mistakes'?




Are you now proud you didn't support Senators Morse and Greening who voted to deny "the President of the United States the 'power to make war without a declaration of war'".

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Flight 253 The US Government Escorted Abumutallab Through Security Without A Passport

"Man in a tan suit with an American accent helped alleged XMAS 2009 UNDERWEAR BOMBER Umar Faruq Abumutalla onto Detroit-bound Delta Airlines Flight 253 at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, even though he didn't have a passport," claims local lawyer Kurt Haskell, a witness on board the near-disaster.

Trial date set for October 4th 2011 and Abumutalla will be REPRESENTING HIMSELF. Release all the Schipol CCTV footage and this ends NOW.

Corbett Report - Episode 172 – Meet Rahm Emanuel

It's been a while since I heard anything from Anti-Illuminati who was really big on Cyber Attacks as the 'new false flag' wonder where he is now. It's also been a while since I visited the Corbett Report website. Well, well, well what did I find?

The son of a terrorist. The brother of a eugenicist and a megalomaniac. An ex-member of the Isreal Defense Force. A gun grabber. A “pick-up” basketball player. A White House veteran… And the next mayor of Chicago? Meet Rahm Emanuel. [source CORBETT REPORT]

I'm sure that Japan-based James Corbett is putting his life in real danger by broadcasting such material on his show but that's the decision he's taken. Here, then, is the podcast of Corbett Report's MEET RAHM EMANUEL episode.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Keiser Report - poo poo economy

the funniest thing ever is watching Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert (who eventually falls foul of the bleeper) trying to not say SHIT on this latest edition of Keiser Report, this week focussing on the crimes commited in the name of Mortgage Loans and Insurance via emails showing Bear Stearns cheated clients out of billions. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Nomi Prins, author of It Takes a Pillage, about Goldman Sachs' Facebook deal.

FREE PLANET is looking so juicy and tempting right now, isn't it?