Thursday, June 30, 2011

CIA asset Susan Lindauer says 'Libyan opposition is al-Qaeda'

Like, what the hell is happening in this insanely foggy corporate wargame dis-information world?

I mean, I may be a bit slow off the mark, but did Susan Lindauer just say, "The rebels NATO are helping in Libya are the same rebels who committed 9-11?"

Free Planet - rogue males - the Fertility Olympics

you know, I've been thinking about this a lot lately, maybe there are too many of you; MEN, I mean.

Think of the lion, few males many females
Think of the apes, few males many females
Think of the ants, few males many females

Mankind is just the same as these, "Yeah I'm saying man's an ant, pedant!"

Over the decades of CONCERTED EDUCATIONAL AND CHEMICAL EFFORT on the part of our 'banker royalty' mankind has been de-masculised to the extent where many of them are nothing more than 'house husband's or 'nanny's (yeah, I watched THAT EPISODE of Friends) or 'just doughy stay-at-home layabouts' on benefits. The system is broken.

Is it now time for the male to return to a roaming re-wilded polygamous relationship with his female 'sister's?

I'm just wondering if, once Free Planet is activated, and it will be, sooner than we all think, we shouldn't have some sort of Global Sustainability Ceremonies where we all support and fund 'the winner' (however that's competitively chosen) sharing his genes with 100 or 1,000 women every year. Capitalistic Growth via mindless sexual reproduction (or even worse the sex industry) has become this inexorable financial device in our lives, like fiat currency.

I also mean, "Would a 'whore' or 'street hooker' open her legs like that, for a man? Would a woman expose herself to strangers like that on video chatlines and do those things with 'her toys' like that? If there were no MONEY, no pitiful financial rent-paying bill-paying reward involved?"

I mean, come on - not only does a FREE PLANET eradicate most (if not all) money-based crime, it also encourages women to stop whoring their asses on some street corner so they can payroll some murderous fucking pimp, or drug habit, or stay-at-home dad.

The Big Question is, "What competition would bring out the best in the Free Planet human geneline? When we're thinking of projecting our geneline into the future, haven't the royals proven that 'breeding' incurs a freak cost? Shouldn't we encourage multi-cultural or coffee-coloured children?" yeah, that's three questions, I guess...

And I'm not even sure if I'm thinking of the Woodaabe men (illustration) with their Beauty ideal and Gerewol festival, I think I'm thinking more about DNA analysis based on health of life-strand, you know LEAST IMPERFECT GENOME, LEAST DECAYED CELLS, BEST POSTENTIAL GENE MIX or some criteria that points towards a Diverse and Healthy geneline for mankind. Something that builds on what's already there, by nature and shows that we mean business, man will once again be the supreme beaing on this planet, not just some corporate slave. Oh, it's all to be decided, by global agreement, so I know nothing, at this point, just ranting...

And while I'm ranting, Contraception - I mean we all love sex, right? We don't wanna ban sexual intercourse on a Free Planet. In fact we'll probably want to INTEGRATE IT INTO OUR DIVERSITIES even more than it already is. Will some clever Free Planet scientist please come up with a more ethical contraceptive than a rubber sheath (poison and porous) or month-long tablets (poison and pointless and easy to miss) or abstention (shudders at the thought)?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Antenna to replace batteries and provide unlimited free energy for electric cars

Man, this makes me mad, as in ANGRY.

As early as the 19th century, mankind could use antennas not only to pick up electromagnetic waves but to power electric machines, and there was no money to make from FREE ENERGY. So, we've never heard of this amazing free energy source. Until now...

Since the early 1900s free unmetered energy was discovered and the technology behind this free unlimited and unmetered source of energy was made public by people like Nikola Tesla and Thomas Henry Moray. To demonstrate how this free unlimited energy source can be used by mankind Nikola Tesla powered an all steel frame and body 1931 Pierce-Arrow with electrical energy that was harnessed from thin air. Not a drop of gasoline or diesel fuel was used. In fact the internal combustion engine was completely removed. No battery banks were used either. This vehicle was driven to speeds of 90 miles per hour with no fossil fuel and just a single 12 volt battery. This infinite and free energy source produces absolutely zero emissions. [source PRESS CORE]

Imagine all the Corporate Wars for O.I.L. we could have averted, all the sufferingn and misery we could have avoided, if we'd just adopted these Free Energy devices earlier in mankind's "evolution". We've gotta push for a Free Planet - why isn't this more obvious to You The People?

“This new ANTENNA power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities.” ~ Nikola Tesla 1856 - 1943.

THE MANIFESTATION SYNDROME, why we're all connected

it's something that I was looking at with my anti-science theory The Hertzan Chimera Unit, THE MANIFESTATION SYNDROME.

Live in the 'thought realm' for long enough and it's easy to convince yourself that everything we see in this universe is a result of THE MANIFESTATION SYNDROME.

Take the Hertzan Chimera Unit - it doesn't exist in our universe. We only see the clockwise/anti-clockwise excess it exhibits, based on neighbouring HC Unit activity. The little things called quarks (up and down and all the other flavours) are about as close as you can get to my idea of an HC Unit. But these quarks aren't separate entities, as Science would have us believe. All sub-atomics, as described by HC Unit theory, are a manifestation of a multi-dimensional energy source. And we can also tie the gravitational effect as a MANIFESTATION OF HC UNITs.

Think about it, what is consciousness but a MANIFESTATION OF SOCIETY?
What are planets but a MANIFESTATION OF STARS?
What are universes but a MANIFESTATION OF DIMENSION?

There's a very interesting interview with Whitley Strieber on Coast to Coast about his new book THE KEY; part 1, part 2 and part 3. Okay, it's a little 'too religious' in theme at times, too much importance put on the POWER OF PRAYER and Strieber might be clinically insane but he's certainly one of the greatest of our homeworld's thinkers. I quite like the short quote from the book:
He said something about mankind being in chains, then he offered the arresting thought that, because of the murder of a couple who had been killed in the Holocaust, the person who would have cracked the mystery of gravity was never born, as a result of which we remain trapped on a dying planet. [source THE KEY]
Strieber also thinks WE'RE ALL CONNECTED, and it might just be because of THE MANIFESTATION SYNDROME.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

dream - american widwest - cyber train disaster

Setting: Apache country, or the American midwest.

A train approaches a Buffer Stop, the barrier installed at the end of a dead end track to prevent rail vehicles from proceeding further, and continues to smash right through it. Right in front of me. The train nearly kills me but I side-step to the right and just get hit on the left upper arm by the shattering Buffer Stop. The train ploughs on through a bricked up wall into an old tunnel. Again, same as the circular aperture in the road in the airforce Air Force One down in City of London dream.

My arm really hurt, and above me two more trains chased each other into another tunnel at insane speed. I got the impression that this was happening ALL OVER THE WORLD at the same time. Like some kind of global cyber false flag.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Channel 4 - Dispatches - Conservation's Dirty Secrets

Man, every now and then Channel 4's Dispatches show really delivers the goods. I've featured Dispatches THREE TIMES BEFORE on Free Planet. Tonight's show was totally fantastic, uncovering MASSIVE CORRUPTION in the Corporate Sponsorship of the cute/cuddly conservation movement.

You support MONEY on what should be a Free Planet, that's all you deserve.
Dispatches reporter Oliver Steeds travels the globe to investigate the conservation movement and its major CORPORATE organisations. Steeds finds that the movement, far from stemming the tide of extinction that's engulfing the planet, has got some of its conservation priorities wrong.

The film examines the way the big conservation charities are run. It questions why some work with polluting big businesses to raise money and are alienating the LOCAL people they would need to stem the loss of species from earth.

Conservation is massively important but few dare to question the movement. Some critics argue that it is in part getting it wrong, and that, as a consequence, some of the flora and fauna it seeks to save are facing oblivion.
You can now watch Conservation's Dirty Secrets on 4D
These facts relate to the Dispatches film, Conservation's Dirty Secrets

- Globally, the conservation movement raises and spends more than £3 billion a year.

- Coral reefs provide a home for more than a quarter of all marine life. Yet, globally, 20% have already been destroyed. It's estimated that by the middle of the century, half will have disappeared.

- Oceans cover 71% of the world's surface. Yet just 1% are protected zones - compared to 13% on land.

- Threatened large mammals were over 500 times more likely to be the subject of scientific research than threatened amphibians.

- By the middle of this century it's thought as many as 2 and a half million species may be extinct.

Corporate Government control on what should be OUR HOMEWORLD has to stop. We need to push for the dissolution of all global governments and release of their secret corporate agendas and espionage around the world. Only that way can we call this place our home, and care for it - this is our role as Guardians of the Earth, as Custodians of Free Planet.

Mike, how is FREE PLANET eugenics any different?

it's not complicated; in fact, it's dead simple.

1) Free Planet as a global consiousness KNOWS there are too many Human Consumers, it agrees to STOP RUTTING (today) and, in twenty/thirty years, those of you who are still young enough can think about having more children again while those who are too old will all be dead in another thirty years. Billions of people will have died by 'natural causes'. Earth will have been re-wilded. Corporate Commerce Cities will have been allowed to crumble. Balance will have been restored to the planet. You will have grown up as a planetary populace, you will have self-rule Diversities and ethical local science solutions will be used by ALL for FREE. Nature is alive once again.

2) N.W.O. Eugenics Inc(r)(tm) ruins countries with civil wars and industrial espionage and forces families to have more children to scrape a pitiful living from the dirt or the waste heap. One day they realise there's 'too many of you' and commence Global War. Billions of you die, those who survive (who can't afford to live in shielded Prison Cities) rot to death from all sorts of 'interesting illnesses', released viruses and total degrading poverty. Crime is stil rife. Civil Wars still break out on a dailiy basis. The land is poisoned in the name of Financial Ambition.

The difference between the two?

1) is a future projection and 2) is today's reality.

Oh, I'm sorry, are you concerned about your ELITE FAMILY NAME extending off into the future like some Royal Lineage? Forget it. The days when corporate names like "MIKE PHILBIN" can be offset against Tax and Insured as an Asset by Countries are over.

Which do you prefer?

1) Free Planet, where you can start to rebuild your homeworld, together, for your children's children.

2) aka Status Quo, where YOU LOSE?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Documentary - Adam Curtis - All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace

I've featured documentary film maker Adam Curtis before on this blog, because I think he has some poignant things to say about our ridiculous corporate world. Below are the three full-length episodes of this amazing BBC examination of our role in the Great Big Corporate Machine.

I mean, you all remember the, "I'm a PC" campaign, right? Anyway, I spotted this on James Delingpole's blog and couldn't resist posting it here as an update on the original thread.

Why the BBC's Adam Curtis will never make another documentary.

Free Planet - hands off our limited resources!

see that image there, a crowd of helping hands lifting up our planet.

Is that what's really happening here?

Are hundreds of huge corporations really helping support our planet OR is it more likely that this image could be used to show the rape and tearing and pillaging of our earthly resources in the name of PROFIT.

Look at it. Look at the image again. What do you see? Do you see the earth trying to float away from the many ZOMBIE LIKE hands of Corporate Finance, Banking, Mortgage and Debt reaching up for THEIR SHARE OF THE GLOBAL PIE?

That's how I see it. And now is the time for all of us to awaken to the Game. The earth is only so big. Everybody knows it's a limited resource pan. So, what happens when PRIVATE CONCERN 'own's the majority of it?

YOU THE PEOPLE don't get to enjoy it as you should. Many of you probably think it's not my God-given right (as an atheist) to try to preach to the masses, but you're wrong. This is not about preaching. This is not about God. This is not about any written laws.

It's about COMMON SENSE. Why are you paying for food, shelter and water? It's all there, provided by the Earth for your careful consumption. Why do you need SO MANY (consumerist) CHILDREN? Is it to protect your NAME through history, like the Royals used to do? Will you murder your one daughter to that you can have a son? How insane has the world become.

If you have already a daughter (or a son) cherish them and show them how the world needs PROTECTING FROM CORPORATE WARS FOR ASSET AND PROFIT. Show your one child the way a Free Planet could work, show him how ethical technology can help mankind to bring NATURE back from the brink. It's all doable, just quit rutting for thirty years... I've quoted fifty years in the past, but thirty years would be a good start.

Or practise VOLUNTARY ONE CHILD families. It's all gonna help. Let your friends and neighbours take the place of the 'brothers and sisters' you think you'll miss. If all the world becomes ONE BIG FAMILY protecting their beautiful homeworld from the ravages of Consumerism and Conglomeratism then we all benefit.

No one loses.

Flouride is good for you, slave!

freedom-fighter Luke Rudowski of WE ARE CHANGE NY races to Dundalk in Ireland to waterboard Walter Graham about his ridiculous claims that FLOURIDE IN DRINKING WATER IS A TOXIC INDUSTRIAL BY-PRODUCT. That jackass renditioner Rudoswki, doesn't he know that fluoride in water is da bomb?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

is 'Free Planet' Hugh MacLeod's idea of an 'Evil Plan'?

it has been said that the EVIL PLAN in professional cartoonist Hugh MacLeod's new book EVIL PLANS (having fun on the road to world domination) "...has to be something the ELITE BANKERS have no idea is coming their way, something they would just never think of."

Now, we have the Arab Spring uprisings, that were nothing more than ANOTHER RULER TAKES CONTROL, by Twitter. And even if this 'push towards Democracy' continues to spread all the way to Europe it won't change the way we are ruining this our one and only homeworld. We also have the so-called Cyber Wars in the name of Anonymous and LulzSec et al that no one really knows if they're part of the game or not.

Then there's the silvertards. You hear this clarion cry all the time from the alternative media, "Invest in silver/gold to bring down the banks and collapse the banksters." I mean DON'T YOU THINK THEY'VE THOUGHT OF THIS, a simple solutions to 'asset ownership'? I'm convinced there's a cunning counter strike on its way to deal with billions of silver-burdened individuals once they're ready to pounce, mark my words. Where there's muck there's brass and 'Ordo Ab Chao' are the bases up which Global Governance is built, since before the Persian Empire. But who in their right mind even cares about a metal-backed currency? Money (or the fraudulent back and forth of {{{BitCoin, LOL}}} digits in a system) is the root evil here anyway.

Operation Empire State Rebellion, eh? It's just more wars within wars and no mention of how the AFTERSHOCK of such a global cyber-attack or cyber-bullying will impact Humanity, morally or societally? Be assured only that PROFIT ensures SLAVERY, and vice versa. Then make a move, then act.

For me, there really is ONLY ONE WAY to deliver the revolutionary KICK UP THE ARSE this over-Consumerised planet needs and that's FREE PLANET. Click that link to read online. Download Free Planet (70 pages) in ebook version, For Free. Do some reading. Educate your global friends, your global neighbours and your Global Family that is the whole of mankind. Each and every one of the seven billion individuals across the globe. Buy the FREE PLANET T-shirt, I make no profit on these items, they're for You The People to 'be a part of' my EVIL PLAN for a world powered purely by Creativity, Passion & Kinship.

Did you enjoy that musical interlude? Now, sign up to the Free Planet Institute on Facebook, do what you can, but spread the word.

Together, we win against ANY ARMED INSURGENCY against our liberty.
Apart, we are picked off one (broken) legal case at a time.
Free Planet fails, so does humanity.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


In the Grand Scheme of Things, I'm not totally sure what TV/internet station Russia Today's agenda is or whether they're just fulfilling an NWO diversionary function but they're coming out with some very interesting programming:

­What do the ex-Tunisian President Ben Ali, the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his son, former Nigerian President Sani Abacha and some other well-known former presidents and monarchs have in common? MONEY! Big dirty money! Find out in a new documentary what sort of illicit schemes presidents, government ministers and monarchs use to launder money and how much have they been able to tuck away to their secret bank accounts. {source RT DOCUMENTARY]


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Grace Jones - Jean Paul Goude - ISLAND LIFE

this iconic pre-Photoshop photo-montage from French art director Jean Paul Goude has remained one of the most stunning expressions of personal strength and self-control, GRACE JONES from the cover of her 1985 album ISLAND LIFE.

Swiss Politicians To March On Bilderberg Meeting, Demand Arrest Of Kissinger

make of this new Bilderberg 2011 demonstration report what you will. Remember, for decades you were considered INSANE if you even mentioned this shadowy organisation of global conglomerate control.

According to Dominic Schreiber of WE ARE CHANGE Switzerland on the phone to Alex Jones, the Swiss councillors who will arrive at The Grand Hotel Kempinski in St Moritz where the Bilderberg meeting is taking place this weekend to bring a case against Kissinger as a 'war criminal' are Lukas Reimann, Pirmin Schwander and Dominique Baettig.

day later update: and here's how CHARLIE SKELTON of the London Guardian reported the drizzly historical moment when Swiss Parliamentarian Dominque Baettig and his small delegation of protestors presented themselves to the head of security at Bilderberg.
"I'd like to come in," said the Swiss MP Dominque Baettig.

The crowd held its breath. I shifted to get a better view, and went shin-deep into an ice-cold ditch. I gasped – as one often does during historic moments.

"I am a member of the Swiss parliament," said the member of the Swiss parliament, "and I would like to go inside." Was it a trick of the light, or did the brave shoe of the Swiss MP lift an inch, perhaps two, from the tarmac? Was this it? Was Bilderberg to be stormed before our very eyes…?

"I'm sorry", said the head of security. "But no."

There was silence, broken only by the soft wet sound of my toes getting hypothermia. The tension in the crowd was electric – would the rebuffed parliamentarian roar his defiance, and snap the security barrier across his furious knee? Would the alpine darkness echo with his howled indignation? Were we about to witness an unsightly scuffle between a Swiss MP and a bunch of on-loan CIA officers?

The heel of the Swiss MP turned upon the tarmac, and solemnly the delegation left. The moment was over. Dignity had been preserved, and new chapter in the history of Bilderberg had been opened.
[source SKELTON]
So, Kissinger wasn't arrested. Bilderberg still continues. The world still spins on its insanely freakish CONSUMERIST axis.

God help us all.

June 14 update: Mario Borghezio, the Italian European Parliament member who was violently assaulted by security guards as he attempted to enter the Bilderberg conference on Thursday, has announced at a press conference on Friday that he would bring legal charges in connection with the incident.

real solar power that needs no conversion process

in May of this year I wrote a (what I considered) interesting little blogpost about organic computers that run on light and of course there's no such thing.

All modern solar technological advances (solar panels, parabolic steam mirrors, light-gate computers etc) are driven by the search for CHEAP ELECTRICITY, even though the world of plants has PROVEN that you don't need an electrical system to make full use of solar power.

I (was gonna say that I) can't understand why the Scientific Community isn't investing in making useful solar technological devices that use and are driven solely by the power of the sun's radiation.

Here's how PHOTO-SYNTHESIS works, the basic principles of plants extracting 'work' from sunlight.

I often hear, "Mike, direct solar power will never be enough," of course it won't when most of the stuff you're using to convert from solar to electricity are REDUNDANT consumer gadgets and distractions from real living.

I'd love to see some sort of crazy PHOTO-SYNTHETIC-BRAIN that was Engineered but Organic, parallel-feeding itself only with sun light and storing excess solar energy in a 'coiling system' that could be utilised under cloud, under cover or at night. I'd love to see people LIVING during the day and SLEEPING (or partying) during the night. None of this ridiculous 'having to set a useless alarm clock to make the clock-in time' when the Sun can be your clock and your sustainance.

But then you'll get people saying, "Yeah but what about all those life-support machines people need, the technological life-saving essentials" and I think we've already covered this.

Why aren't technological 'organic' systems being made that could alter their internal structure based on the processing of light at the data-as-energy input? Why aren't organic batteries being COILED during the day for RELEASE at night? Why aren't light-screens following the sun so that they'll always produce a perfect image, colour fed organically by the sun? Then I remembered, PROFIT.

There's no profit in 'brains' that use FREE SOLAR ENERGY, that's why You The Consumer get screwed by every new three-year-consumable. Consumerist Planet is DOOMED, I tell ya. DOOMED.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mike, why do four billion of us have to die?

Sorry, guys, it's just the way it is. You lost. You gave in to temptation, you were ruled by your egos, you sucked conglomerate cock.

FREE PLANET is all about sharing the wealth, the beauty, the frivolous joy of this delicious homeworld.

And we can't do that with so many USELESS FUCKING CONSUMERS (and their corporate pimps) screwing up the planet.

See, the way it is, you got a few hundred thousand ELITES on this concrete sphere of a planetary ruin, let's let them think they are for the moment, a few hundred thousand thugs hoarding all the best bits of the world, all the glossy real estate, all the best haunts.


Don't you see you're funding their royalty, their lofty elevation, their bloated social status? You. You, The People. They're NOTHING without you. Without you pissing all over your stomach. Without you begging not to be murdered in your beds by poisons and agendas beyond your ken. Without your slave labour in the name of PROFIT; their shareholders dividends, the banks' balance sheet.

Four billion of you can just let yourselves die over the next fifty years to make room for actual real people who are willing to actively educate their children's children in the ways of FREE PLANET; the richness and variety, the gloabl diversity and admixture of culture and art and freedom. The whole glowing rainbow palette that's painful to look at but oh so alluring or, for starters, ...


Oh, I'm sorry - were you led to believe that Free Planet was a namby-pamby wishy-washy cuddling-hippies and love-your-enemy and turn-the-other-cheek "Utopia"? Well, you were misguided, probably by yourselves, probably by the specific terms of your capitalist up-bringing. I was very adamant, from the start that HUMANITY IS A VIRUS and needs BANISHING from the corroding surface of this corporate planet. You understood where I was going with FREEING UP THE PATENTS and using this technology to give mankind a place to live i.e. in floating Diversity homes, while the planet healed itself.

But we STILL have to 'let the empire cities rot' into their foundation and 'get rid of most of you' and the reason is "sharing". There needs to be a more healthy share of this planet between the PEOPLE and the PLANTS and the ANIMALS. Even with our hydroponic/solar technology we need to be more aware that our number is disproportionate to HARMONY and PEACE on this planet. We need to STOP FIGHTING EACH OTHER FOR YET ANOTHER BIT OF TERRITORY or just some stolen asset.

Free Planet will be about the Consumers STOPPING.
Free Planet will be about the Military STOPPING.
Free Planet will be about Slavery STOPPING.

Happier now that it's all been explained for you?

The Libertine - Johnny Depp - Michael Nyman

Yes, Johnny Depp is as good in this under-played central role as he was in BLOW. But there are so many other stars in this modest 'Isle of Man' films production about John Wilmot, the 2nd Earl of Rochester, who matriculated at Wadham College here in Oxford. This squalid and muck-spattered 17th century love-child of stage-writer Stephen Jeffreys is on a par with those other two great period pieces about debt and betrayal Amadeus and Dangerous Liaisons. The writing (and direction) is just superb, here's a direct lift from the dusty screen:
Rochester: I wish to be moved. I cannot feel in life. I must have others do it for me here in the theatre.

Elizabeth Barry: You are spoken of as a man with a stomach for life.

Rochester: I am the cynic of our golden age. This bounteous dish, which our great Charles and our great God have more or less in equal measure placed before us, sets my teeth permanently on edge. Life has no purpose. It is everywhere undone by arbitrariness. I do this and it matters not a jot if I do the opposite...
And we all know where FREE PLANET stands on squirm-scaled neck of 'arbitrary', in the corporate-lawset sense.

In fact, I don't even need to scour out a worthy venue for this 'film review', it's not even FOR YOU that I do this, it's for me and my own shared enjoyment of a perfectly superb CREATION of PASSION and, freakishly, KINSHIP.

So, King Charles II gets his reprieve,
Lizzie Barrie gets her stagely adoration,
George Etherege gets his fame and fortune for his epic tale of the stolen life of his debauching buddy Johnny Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester.

And that closing choralised rendition of one of Michael Nyman's songs from THE PIANO SINGS, my heart was uplifted and in chaos of soaring to close to the sun, de-waxed of feather.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

GIABO - Bilderberg protest

Grand Hotel Kempinski, CHI can see you mouthing, "What's GIABO?"

Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation.

Basically, it means PEOPLE AREN'T HAPPY BAILING OUT THE BANKS with their blood, sweat and tears to the Vampire Money-changers! People are sick of having to pay to exist.

As illustrated by continued Greek Austerity Protests. As illustrated by this weekend's mass protests at The Grand Hotel Kempinski in St. Moritz, Switzerland at the site of the latest Bilderberg meeting. As soon-to-be-illustrated by such protests that are sure to spread across the remainder of Europe through 2011. It's such a pity the Army, Navy and Air Forces of our supposed sovereign countries are nothing more than ATTACK DOGS for the global elite money game.

Watch this space for more word-salads like GROUPON and BITCOIN in the coming months of World Awakening, LOL.

SKY NEWS - Dr David Kelly Inquest Expected To Be Denied

So, Iraqi weapons inspector Dr David Kelly is reputed to have been the source behind a leaked BBC report into the invalidity of the Iraqi 45-minute Weapons of Mass Destruction threat.

Then he turns up dead, in the woods near Oxford.

Attorney General Dominic Grieve is expected to rule out an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly.

Conspiracy theories still surround the circumstances of David Kelly's death

A dossier of evidence has been considered by Mr Grieve, as conspiracy theories continue to swirl around the circumstances surrounding the scientist's death.

The Hutton Inquiry in 2004 found that Dr Kelly had committed suicide, and then-justice secretary Lord Falconer ruled the inquiry could take the place of an inquest in the coroner's court.

But a group of doctors claim Lord Hutton spent only half a day of the 24-day inquiry considering the cause of Dr Kelly's death - and have pledged to seek a judicial review if Mr Grieve does decide no inquest is needed.
[source SKY NEWS]

So, that's that then - nothing will ever get in the way of whatever cunning 'democratic' move on the global chess board The Invasion of Iraq facilitated.

Afternoon update: INQUEST DENIED.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mankind is DEAD in fifty years.

like you, I got side-tracked by the Alex Jones-regurgitated classic Eugenicist formula of WAR BY ATTRITION whereby the bulk of You The People are 'somehow' killed off in wars or natural disasters or man-made cataclysms of an overt or covert nature until only 500,000,000 remained to enjoy the Georgia Guidestones like it was a proper work of art. There was the natural-die-off calculation and the one-child policy enhancement. But the real solution to the CURSE OF HUMAN STAIN on this once-beautiful once-plentiful planet is so much easier than all that corporatised UN-sanctioned sinister shenanigins in the name of "Carbon Credit" and "Global Warming".

"Quit proliferating. Put off your 'family planning'. You're doing no-one any favours. Especially not PLANET EARTH. Choking and drowning and swamped by the weight of all of you." do that and the planet is CLEANSED in fifty years.

This broken planet not only can't support any more of you, it doesn't NEED any more of you.

I made a stand, at least, by pledging to have ONLY ONE CHILD. I didn't need some fucking Chinese-style state dictatorship to force me to do it either. I thought about it. Logically. Emotionally. Ethically. I thought about my little role in the infestation of this planet by Consumers. I made a decision. On my own. Only one child, and I don't give a fuck about the name PHILBIN being carried through a historical lineage that involved the male side of my genepool.

You can do the same, you can "QUIT RUTTING!" as Bill Hicks put it in the 90's when you weren't listening. You can start listening now (though it's unlikely) and make this world a better place for as few future children as possible.

Come on, you know it makes sense!

All you people reading this are likely to be dead in fifty years, good for manure! That's what I say. In fact, that's what we should all do, have ourselves dehydrated and used as fertiliser so that we can live on through our children as food-food.

I'm trying to be positive.

check out this amazing high-energy solar eruption or coronal mass ejection

I woke up this morning first to a NOAA solar proton storm warning then an email from my office mate and creator, Dr. Jack Ireland. The email was titled, ”Never seen anything like this before -- spectacular”. And he wasn’t kidding!

The event had everything, a solar flare, a coronal wave, a filament eruption, a coronal mass ejection, coronal rain and a coronal mass ejection, just to name a few.
[source THE SUN TODAY]

To put this into perspective, the planet EARTH (our homeworld) is about the size on one of the single letter "O"s in the caption in the bottom-right corner of this movie.

Free Planet gets feature syndication on PAPERBLOG

Seriously, Emma of PAPERBLOG just got in touch and demanded that I let her site re-distribute all my Free Planet blogposts on her excellent and extremely-stylish looking website.

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even your VOICE is a prison.

isn't it obvious?

No, maybe it's not. For it to be OBVIOUS, you'd have had to THINK about your voice, and clearly there's no time to think these days; too busy chasing the next client like lawyers used to chase ambulances: too busy paying the next bill or paying off some credit facility old as Oxford city.

No time at all for THINKING, dear reader. Just consuming. Being a conduit for the great PROFIT effluent. Passing money from hand to stinking hand. Who has time to think?

But this is your chance. Go on. Impress yourself.

You've been using your VOICE all along, even while READING this latest rantorial. That voice there, inside your head, that's playing the words for you like some new CD of a soon-to-be-defunkt chart-topper. The flavour of your voice. Have you ever thought about it? Is the voice in your HEAD the same as the voice that spills out of your MOUTH?

Have you ever wondered, "Why THAT voice, and not some other?" No, you probably need people like me to do all the thinking for you.

Your voice comes from your background, and your voice comes from your foreground, your voice is a marker of the time you've spent in certain circles, you are nothing but a reflection of your environs. You don't even speak at all. Your up-bringing, your pedigree and your moral compass speak for you, they CONSPIRE against you and DICTATE how you should respond, at what tone and with which irritant VOICE.

Your voice, there, that one that you're using to UNDERSTAND THIS BLATHERING RANTORIAL POST AGAINST THE VOICE AS PRISON, that one that's having trouble choosing a particular timbre to emulate these lines of typing into a place you're comfortable in, your reading pleasure let's call it, are? you? still? with? me? that voice there that's choppin' and changin' as my hands move o'er t keyb'd in an eff'rt t' d'str'ct y'' fr'm th' 'art of understanding' that voice in your head (believe me it's worse if you read this shit out loud to yourself) is NOT YOUR VOICE.

It belongs to the State. Your lord and master since you were a little mummy's boy or a little daddy's girl or vice versa. That voice you're IMPRISONED BY is very VERY hard to escape. It's you, or you think it is, but it's not. Learn another language and find out that you have A VERY DIFFERENT VOICE when you speak that language. Learn to be with a different group of people and you'll find your accent, intonation and vocab alter, HAVE TO ALTER so that you're understood.

Think of why the Spanish LISP and Spanish is spoken in South America without a lisp, voice prison based on a royal speech impediment.

Think of why the French 'mou' a very fluffed up version of their language while Canadians speak it more like it was, voice prison based on a royal impediment.

LANGUAGE, or voice, though you've never really thought about it, is the way we REALITY CHECK our neighbours, and find our enemies. That's been the way with tribal WALLED SOCIETIES like ours for thousands of years. That VOICE is nothing more than the shackles around your rubbed-raw ankles that keeps you forever a slave to your tribe, a slave to your country and (ultimately) a SLAVE TO THE GLOBAL CORPORATE WAR MACHINE FOR THEIR BENEFIT AND THEIR PROFIT and screw your Free fucking Planet.

Screw you and your slave voice, your pathetic squeak of compliance.

Tom Six talks about his SICKEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME banned by the BBFC, Human Centipede 2.

Remember the films BANNED by the BBFC in the UK that went on to become genre classics "the last house on the left, 1972" and "the texas chainsaw massacre, 1974" and "grotesque, 2009"...

Actually, you won't have heard of that last one. "Grotesque". Not yet. Not enough ANGER has been poured into our souls, not enough SCORN has been poured into our hearts, not enough IRE has been drummed into your psyche, by the propaganda machine we know as the BBC World Service, for us to relish actually watching that last bit of insane filthy sickness BANNED for our dis-viewing dis-pleasure. Not yet, but give it a few years...

In the meantime, the BBFC's gone all puritan again, BANNING Tom Six's follow-up film HUMAN CENTIPEDE II, 2011. They passed the first film uncut with an 18 certificate; fine. But they took it upon themselves to tell ME, an adult, what I can and cannot watch, what I'm able to or unable to stomach. Don't molly-coddle me. Just deliver the so-called HORROR FILMS from the film-makers to the relevant viewing outlets and LET ME MAKE MY OWN MIND UP.

‘The Human Centipede II” was rejected by the BBFC on the basis that it is "sexually violent and potentially obscene". The original film was released, uncut, as an 18 last year. The follow-up has "unacceptable material" throughout which cannot be remedied with cuts, according to the BBFC.

Tom Six says, “Thank you BBFC for putting spoilers of my movie on your website and thank you for banning my film in this exceptional way. Apparently I made an horrific horror-film, but shouldn't a good horror film be horrific? My dear people it is a f****cking MOVIE. It is all fictional. Not real. It is all make-belief. It is art. Give people their own choice to watch it or not. If people can't handle or like my movies they just don't watch them. If people like my movies they have to be able to see them any time, anywhere also in the UK.”

Monday, June 06, 2011

Olen Steinhauer - the Tourist - the Nearest Exit

I'm a big fan of the work of Robert Ludlum, and have now read most of his books. When I read a Robert Ludlum book it's like DRIVING MISS DAISY in the sense that I'm in the hands of a consummate professional, no matter how insane the ride.

Well, Ludlum's dead, so what now?

Well, I've flipped through a couple of official copy-cat novels, the Bourne progressions and the Covert Ones, by official imitators of Ludlum's content and they've all left a nasty taste in my mouth, a wishy-washyness a-lack-of-voiceness one gets reading the post-DUNE-pre books of Frank Herbert's son. I've even suspected, hoped, prayed (lol) that David Wolstencroft might be the one to pick up Ludlum's mantle, the writer with whom I can feel is LIVING THE INTELLIGENCE LIE as he writes his books.

Olen Steinhauer might just be the one; his plots are sinister and convoluted and his writing, the line-by-line of his craft, is just superb.

I found THE NEAREST EXIT (2010) quite by chance, taking central-library-borrowed THE TOURIST (2007) back to the local library on a rainy day. And it just happens to be the follow-up to The Tourist. And it's just as amazing as that book was. I hear that George Clooney has bought the cinematic rights to these books - it'd be great to see 'Milo Weaver' on the big screen.

Robert Ludlum's successor has finally arrived - great writer, great books.

SUPPLEMENTAL: Sarah Shourd, one of the three American tourists arrested for illegal entry into Iran was on BBC TV this morning explaining how she and her friends were just TOURISTS, captured in Iraq and secreted into Iran. Their captors even 'stopped and bought Shourd a jehab' on the way to the police station for questioning. Things that make you go, "Hmm..." Thanks Olen Steinhauer, I now see the world in a totally different light.

Global Cyber War featuring ANONYMOUS and LULZSEC and others.

Fuck FBI Friday press release
'The U.S. government is funding the CSFI to attack Libya's cyber infrastructure.' By Lulz Security (LulzSec) 03 Jun 2011 It has come to our unfortunate attention that NATO and our good friend Barrack Osama-Llama 24th-century Obama have recently upped the stakes with regard to hacking. They now treat hacking as an act of war. So, we just hacked an FBI affiliated website (Infragard, specifically the Atlanta chapter) and leaked its user base. We also took complete control over the site and defaced it. ...We have uncovered an operation orchestrated by Unveillance and others to control and assess Libyan cyberspace through malicious means: the U.S. government is funding the CSFI to attack Libya's cyber infrastructure. [source CLG]

So, what's this story REALLY all about?

I have no idea and, if we're being honest, neither do you. You can claim you know but (unless you are LULZ SEC) you really don't know. And by this I mean, "The internet is the most lucrative marketing opportunity to empty the pockets of You The Consumer."

One can (I suppose) sympathise with the Corporate War Machine wanting the largest slice of that global pie and attempting to regulate such for their own benefit, not yours, little serf. Such tactics include that ruining of those pesky independent (corner) grocery stores in the 1980's by the Big Five Supermarkets here in UK.

"You can't TRUST that there's a Cyber War on when those people invloved in the war MIGHT be on the same side."

Basically, this alluring story of 'hacking a government site', in fact any story of hacking any corporate site or institution, may not be exactly what it's reported as being. It's now such a truly corrupt and clandestine financial world, why would you trust any report about ANYTHING.

I'm not saying they necessarily are, but maybe ANONYMOUS, maybe LULZSEC, maybe WIKILEAKS and all the rest of 'em may just be just tendrils of the Corporate War Machine, stitched on to help their own cause. Risk Management Software like Ptech/PROMIS can spit out convoluted 'conspiracy' scenarios all day long and have ensured that you'll never really know, it's impossible to assess a virtually maintained world.

Whether this LULZSEC, ANONYMOUS, WIKILEAKS story of internet exposure is legitimate or not, it's clear that this planet need GUTTING. It needs all the nasty Corporate War PROFIT Chess Games ending, once and for all. All governments need to be made to come clean, by You The People. Free Planet needs to rise from the flames of slavery.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Dear Clandestine Governments around the world...

Dear Clandestine Governments around the world,

are you REALLY benefitting from the financial rewards of Organised Crime to fund your black operations related to the espionage activity of the Corporate War Machine?

Have you REALLY co-opted CRIME inc. to help keep your truly amoral clandestine activities off the Official Government Record Books?

By Organised Crime, of course, I'm talking about wholesale drug trafficking, human trafficking for prostitutional slavery, removed children on glossy price lists for sale to the highest bidder, global child porn rings used primarily to blackmail perverts who should never be lured into positions of power, illicit gun running to insane dictators for political-destabilising purposes around the world, false flag terror 'opportunities' to sway global opinion, covert ops made to look like common crime and (potentially) INNOCENT PEOPLE being set up for those crimes that bring in cash money for Black Projects?

Are there SERIOUSLY operatives in Intelligence Agency Offices right now overseeing such three ring circuses in the name of UNSEEN CORPORATE PROFITS?

I don't know about the other people reading this post, but that's NOT WHAT I WANT MY ELECTED GOVERNMENT DOING IN MY NAME, please stop your terrible moonlighting.

mankind, you fucking imbeciles - Natural History Museum London visit

guess where I was today ... yeah, you guessed it, the Natural History Museum in London. Nice hot sticky day, visit to the Sensational Butterflies outdoor exhibition, then some great crepes for lunch at Cremerie Creperie in Kensington.

Then back in to the Natural History Museum to see the rest of it and see the Goddamn fucking mess mankind had left this ONCE DIVERSE PLANET, and time after time it was a placard reading SPECIES EXTINCT, PROBABLY DUE TO HUMAN HUNTING and let's not even talk about the Roman Empire's vain and egotistical gladiatorial routings of too many wild species for ENTERTAINMENT aka POLITICAL COERCION, this is just wholesale genocide because of PURE GREED.

I mean, there's NOTHING LEFT in our oceans.
There are hundreds of land species going extinct EVERY DAY.
The planet is being used as a PUBLIC TOILET by manufacturing and industry!

I seriously think mankind is like THE MOST STUPID FUCKING IMBECILE ANIMAL ON THE PLANET, the way he just destroys everything in his path so that billions of gormless consumers can ruin what used to be a beautiful homeworld. And I'm serious about this anger - as a race, you want fucking murdering for your capital crimes against nature. Some apocalyptic circumstance should CULL THE FUCKING LOT OF YOU.

I mean, you can look at my earlier posts FINITE NUMBER OF SOULS if a spiritual approach will help you resolve your self-absorbed Consumerism.

But seriously, most of you need killing before you all fuck up the what's left of this planet (blindly following your Corporate Lords and Conglomerate Rulers) and all that's left on this spherical floating slab of CONCRETE in space is you lot, running from useless purchase to purchase, eating each other's amoral obesity.

You utter UTTER scum.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Video Vista - two new DVD reviews online - the girl who...

I have two new DVD reviews over at the June edition of VIDEO VISTA, namely:



The American Dream - animated film - Tad Lumpkin and Harold Uhl

The AMERICAN DREAM* is a 30 minute animated film by Tad Lumpkin and Harold Uhl that attempts to show You The People how you've been scammed by the most basic elements of the Global Banking Cartel. Do you know how your money is created? Or how banking works? Why did housing prices skyrocket and then plunge? Do you really know what the Federal Reserve System is and how it affects you every single day?

*official website was down at time of attempted linkage ... hmmm..... sinister much?