Sunday, January 01, 2012

Benjamin Fulford - fake Cold War - weapon sales - drug sales - two CIAs - Japan's Korean - nuclear weapons responsible for Fukushima and more to go off!

another mad bunch of insane-sounding crap spurts out of Benjamin Fulford's mouth, dated 29th December 2011. And seriously it does sound like it's all too weird to be true ... or does it?

The really sad thing is, "As with all good conspiracy theories, EVERYTHING THAT FULFORD SAYS has enough truth in it to sound totally valid."

We'll only know when we DEMAND, as a Free Planet of seven billion sovereign individuals, the closing of all governments around the world and the liberating of all the so-called 'state secrets' behind which all this Commercial Tyranny takes place in the name of CORPORATE PROFIT.

Once we really know who did what to whom for how long under the banner of Empire, we can get on with rebuilding a rewilded Free Planet for all forms of life to enjoy, FOR FREE.

Afternoon update: oh shit, 7.0 MAG EARTHQUAKE ROCKS JAPAN, felt in Fukushima. Maybe the Japanese Government needed teaching a lesson, again (is that how Fulford'd put it?).


MaybeBoo said...

Have you seen Jim Stones research/take on Fukushima ?

Mike Philbin said...


I did a piece on Jim Stone back when Fuku happened...