Saturday, January 14, 2012

The City of London and the Knights of Malta?

Some people think the Queen pauses before entering the City of London to have the London Mayor come out and acknowledge her sovereign power over this 'island state', this offshore financial 'walled city'.

There's such a massive amount of double-entry book-keeping and off-the-books attribution going on all over the covert world made glorious mainstream that it's really hard to get hold of the slippery salmon that is, "Who owns the City of London?"

According to THE UNHIVED MIND, if you're focussing on the Rothschilds (who pulled off one clever financial sleight of hand in 1815), you're all looking at the wrong family, or families:

The Knights Templar do not control the sovereign City of London aka New Jersualem. Its the Knights of Malta who control the City of London and Emperor King Juan Carlos, the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Please do a study of the Papal Bull Ad Providam of 1312 by Pope Boniface VIII. The City is covertly controlled from St John’s Wood, England and Via dei Condotti in Rome, Italy. I term these at the City as the Crown Maltese as in the old Crown Templars.  
If we want to get deeper into this then you may be interested to note that the Knights of Malta subordinate to the Holy See, were taken over and subordinated to the Society of Jesus in 1798 which was revenge for the destruction of the Templars in the 14th Century and revenge for Malta in 1768. Make note that the Society of Jesus is really the Borgia familys revived Knights Templar of ARAGON where they continued as the Order of the Calatrava and then the Order of the Montesa.  
Why is it people only know the Rothchild’s and yet believe they’re the all power?  
If you know them so well then this is obviously not the power. Hows about the House of Keswick for starters? What about the very powerful Pallavicini which were around as the power way before the Cecils and controlled the Cecils when the Rothschild’s weren’t accepted by the Cecils? Hows about the ORSINI family with the blood of the Medici added to them? See what I’m saying its far deeper into the PAPACY.  
The Unhived Mind.

Remember, even Marie Antoinette of France was an Austro-French concoction, a Corporate War marriage of convenience as were all royal conjoinings. There stands and festers the stagnant history of ALLIANCE, for asset and profit-share of the suffering of You The People.

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