Wednesday, January 11, 2012

David Fincher - Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - opening credits

one of the shittest movies of all time (Society) had the best opening credits sequence (or was it the closing credits sequence) of all time, red-lit bodies sliming together to the choirboy tune of the Oxford Boat song (I've looked and can't find it...).

The next best opening credit sequence in (my) living memory might be this one, for David Fincher's USA-adaptation of The (excellent Swedish original) Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Not sure how good this 2012 version will be, I'm getting mixed critical signals, but here's where it starts, i.e. in a really good and artistic place.

NB: not sure how/if the extremely disturbing visuals of this opening sequence of Fincher's version relate to the actual content of this re-adaptation from the original novel, but someone really went mental with the crude-oil simulation tool.  In retrospect, it's probably THE MOST MK ULTRA any opening sequence has ever been. Project Mind Control is alive and kicking, all over Cameron's lottery-looting blockbuster-film-funding incentives.

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