Friday, January 20, 2012

doe, a deer, a female deer ... a dog-boar and two fawns - dream

I have no idea is this is connected to yesterday's the sun is an interstellar messaging device post, so I'll not add this as a Day Later Update to that. It's 06:25 and I've just awoken from a very strange hyper-realistic dream...

I'm walking along a residential street after a nature walk I usually take to get home, there ahead of me, in someone's front garden, close to the road, eating the roots and snuffling about, a very strange beast, gentle yet threatening, like a wild boar (but mixed with a bulldog somehow) happily getting on with its rummaging feast.

As I passed, it looked up at me, then I saw in the part of the front garden right near the house, a female deer, and near her a fawn. I clicked my teeth, because I'm stupid and that's something I always do, to horses and squirrels and birds.

The doe didn't dash away as I expected. But the dog-boar started to notice me. I walked on, intent on not being spotted by the dog-boar thing which suddenly felt ultra-threatening. I could hear hoofbeats behind me. Following me.

I turned around, quickly.

It was the doe. Standing tall and curious, just like the deer in the photo. I noticed one of her stubby horns was broken, chipped. Then she turned to her right and dashed away. Revealing one following fawn, then another dashing second fawn, which raced across the road in the nature walk direction.

No sign at all of the dog-boar thing.

May 24th 2012 update: met this exact same deer IN REAL LIFE outside our house this morning. Spotted it dashing down the side of the house, having found its way in somehow. Chased it away. But not before experiencing that lovely SILENT moment when deer sees person and person sees deer. A truly wild connection. Nothing shared. 'Cept living itself.

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