Monday, January 23, 2012

getting lost in the corporate mezzanine - looks like London City Hall

this morning, again round about 5:55 a.m., like all the other recent extremely vivid dreams, I had this very strange, very interesting, JOB INTERVIEW dream.

In the dream I got lost looking for Floor 18 in a very big mall-like multi-storey Corporate Building that looked like London City Hall (pictured), hugely ascending open-plan foyer that seemed to spectacularly span the entire height of the building. Offices and businesses sprouted off the spokes of a central elevator (drop points) with escaltors criss-crossing, spiralling up and around.

And this is the weird part.

I was in this building, not knowing why I was there, but in my head was "JuJo", a name that I believed related to a corporation (there is a game corporation called KuJu but don't think there's any relation, as I know, to this real company). I got lost. I ended up on floor 19. Basically, something happened while I was in the lift (elevator). And I could barely remember what I was doing in the building. I should have walked out of the building and forgotten JuJo but I carried on trying to discover 'my mission'.

I asked a barman (I think) about the JuJo company, as it was the only thing in my head, and he directed me to Floor 18 (which turned out to be some sort of mezzanine accessed by a sliding walkway just off a floor below). The vertical layout of this building didn't seem to be a linear series of floors, 1, 2, 3 etc... i.e. there were MISSING FLOORS. Floor 18 was one of these missing floors ... but I've always had 'trouble' with elevators in dreams - they always do weird things when I'm in them, in dreams.

I ended up in this lovely smoke-glass corporate waiting area with long flat leather sofas, awaiting SOMEBODY. I was lying back on this one sofa when my interviewer came in. At this moment I realised, I had on a very old business jacket and I had no C.V. or PORTFOLIO to 'show my potential' or 'reinforce my credentials'. I was basically up there naked, and (in all honesty) this was never an issue throughout the very strange interview.

Instantly, I realised that something very weird was going on 'electromagnetically' or 'psychologically' in this room and I was straining to control my right hand which was (limply like a claw) shaking quite badly. The interviewer pointed this out, in passing, but I got it under control. Half way through the interview, I sat up into a seated position, having spent the first half on my back on this leather sofa.

Then they brought in the tech guys, with a monitor, and showed me a list of 'characters' that I'd be expected to help in making, they said they were using Houdini (a package which I hate, on the principal that the 'interface' is a code window) and all seemed well.

Everybody seemed very happy with my 'responses'.

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