Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Huston & co. - Adrian Huston - Tony Blair's tax bill mystery

Tony Blair's tax bill mystery 
Written by Adrian Huston 
Monday, 09 January 2012 10:10

Daily Mail reports that former Prime Minister Tony Blair's earnings have soared by 42% to £12 million. Despite this the tax bill was only £315,000.

Wouldn't we all like a situation like that?

Key points of Tony's company accounts are:

  • Turnover was £12 million
  • Salaries, including to the directors, totalled £2.3 million
  • Premises rent etc totalled £637,000
  • The accountants made £44,000.
  • No dividend was paid.
  • The corporation tax due was just £315,000
  • This leaves over £8 million in expenses, with no explanation.
  • In total the directors earned £481,000. One director received £70,000 compensation for loss of office.
It is not clear whether these accounts include the fees Tony Blair receives as an adviser to JP Morgan - the American bank, or his fees from Zurich International.

As a tax consultant with hundreds of British clients abroad, I have a theory. One perhaps an investigative journalist or blogger might like to pursue. Is Tony Blair actually non-resident for tax purposes?

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Kvru Here said...

For those that who know:
NON-RESIDENT is half of a real legal term.

The full correct legal term is "NON-RESIDENT ALIEN". As a Citizen you would correct to say you were a "non-resident alien" and be correct.

A resident is always a "resident alien".

If you don't structure your legal affairs correctly you will be tricked into believing you are a "resident" where you live...when, in fact, you really would be a citizen.

Please research carefully