Friday, January 20, 2012

Internet Rising - you are the pushed button

Points to note:

1) the internet is not controlled from one single computer
2) 'influence' drives global opinion

3) by logical deduction, THE INTERNET IS YOUR WORST ENEMY if you're a weak-minded weak-willed weak-backed Consumerist Slave Drone with no idea of how History is re-written by the Victors.

Remember that, as you watch this 'edu-mentary'.

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Tag said...

@9:57 and on through the subject of the internet making people able to work together. But I think most don't think of those behind the scenes in every Major Happening in This World for Centuries and even a few millennium. Those who control many of the Politics in most 1st world countries that have been sucked into a drug like economy like we have been living here in the US for a very long time. Only thing, they are almost done with us and have been breaking this country apart piece by piece via Politicians who take Corporate Monies and provide Law Change for the benefit of Mammon(Money). And yes in this type of Society we all are counted as numbers of small corporations that they feed off of, we the sheep, who have been blinded by smooth lips of those who do a 180 as soon as they get into office. Commercialism is a Belief System, reason I say is because there are many who want to live Truly Free.