Thursday, January 05, 2012

Pay the state to suicide you, for real!

that's how it'll be soon, and don't forget you heard it hear first.



I mean, "What the fuck are you saying, Philbin, you utter shrieking moran!"

Look, I don't care if you don't relax, shout your head off, go on, SCREAM, it's actually good for you to let rip when you want, go on shout, scream, smash the fucking house, freak out, go Postal ... it won't help.

Not one little bit.


Well, for the last fifty or sixty years Global Governance, who are running a particularly nasty Eugenics scam on You The People, have been masterfully demolishing the Human Genome so that almost every one of your cells is just a bag of shit. They've been using pesticides, hormones in milk and meat, too many anti-biotics, chemtrails, nuclear accidents, nuclear tests and nuclear weapons (depleted and enriched uranium), fast food cancer factories, cigarettes and beer.

You're a dead man walking.

Smile, you're on CCTV newsfeed, killing yourself in front of a train, over and over again, in the name of Commerce.

But that's not how the future is, oh no!

The future (mark my words) is all about EUTHENASIA of you, by yourself, while you pay the state for the privilege.

Yes, you'll gladly PAY (with your own hard-earned money) to have some fucking Global Governance Clinic to fucking kill you so that you're not so much of a fucking burden on your weakened (both financially and physically) family.

Get enough people terminally crippled and close to death, a real burden to their families, and they'll BEG to be murdered by the state at whatever cost. Just as long as they're no longer a burden to their families. You think I'm making this up... when you already pay to have your body disposed of when you die. You pay to have dangerously toxic silicon breast implant inserted. You pay when you marry. You pay VAT when you buy stuff! You pay and pay and pay and pay, it's all you're for.

LEGALISED DEATH FACTORIES are only a simple law away - they've already written up the 'rather slack' guidelines - in fact, they're already being implemented in 'special' parts of the world, like Switzerland.

Alls you need next is the compassionate imploring of some really famous person like Terry Pratchett and soon Global Governance's final hope of PAID SUICIDE will be upon us, imagine the generated income! But there needs to be a law change... and the criteria for choosing those who're allowed to die needs to be treated with consideration for (coughs) MAXIMUM PROFIT. Sure, the elderly, the disabled and the sick will be ruthlessly targeted, marketed hard towards, first...

But it goes one tyrannical step further than that, if we let it - soon only the young or straight-from-college will be employed/employable, taking into account wage rises etc, meaning there'll be millions of over forties who're kicked out of their jobs (as being over-qualified) and have nothing to do, no money coming in and literally try to end it all with drink and drugs and crime-to-fund and other forms of self-harming, they basically WANT TO DIE.

Jovial trumpet fanfare, in steps Global Governance (its silken cape fluttering in the wind) and makes it a big media event like the glorified Death Circus in Logan's Run.

It's really not that far away....  be afraid ....  be horrified at the amorality of Global Governance.

PROFIT is not your friend.

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