Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Banking Cartel - Anonymous - Final Solution for Financial Terrorism?

this video is from November 2011, so forgive me for regurgitating old news, old propaganda, but in light of the likes of ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone getting on the 'Hang a banker a week until the others improve' band-wagon, which just inspires More Elaborate Civil Defense Budgets and tyrannical strategies from governments quaking in their banker-owned boots about millions of disgruntled people on the streets, 'certain phrases in the above video caught my attention'.

banksters are the scum of the earth:
There is no way you can blame a professional for playing a game. And that's all Global Finance is. A game. That's why wars are fought. That's why people are murdered. That's why countries and birth certificates exist. It's the Game of Finance that needs to end.

open season on banksters:
You'll enjoy it for a bit, bringing those who you think are responsible for your slavery, but then you'll realise YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your own slavery. Nobody made you do it. You tacitly agreed to taxes. You tacitly agreed to paying for everything. You tacitly agreed to slavery as a mode of life.

banksters, get out of our lives:
You say you want a world without money but you'll have to unite as a populace of SEVEN BILLION FREE SPIRITS and fully embrace a Free Planet - a place where our children's children is more important than a Corporate War for PROFIT.

CHAAANGE THE GAME is the only real way to rid the Earth of these Financial Terrorists.

Think about it, Anonymous may 'not be your friend'. They may, in fact, be an Ultra Left/Right Wing arm of the 'intelligence services' with an agenda to isolate you as a terrorist. You'll never really know. You've been programmed to worship HEROs since you were a kid, so you'll accept the 'valiant attempts' of 1984's Anonymous to 'usurp the tyranny'. You'll even accept ruthless VIGILANTE tyranny, in certain cases ... you'll become the executioners (the terror-ists) yourselves ... but where to go after the blood has been shed? Who is going to judge the executioners' errors of judgement? Who's going to be your New Ruler? Who's gonna pay to have your investment world rebuilt, your prison cities repaired, your prison-cell homes protected, your CCTV lifestyle reinforced?

I'm not totally convinced ANONYMOUS (whoever or whatever it is) has thought about a Free Planet, where ethical local solutions to technology, shelter, water and food for EVERYONE means a 'world without money', a leaderless world, a prisonless world, a patent-freed world, a borderless world, a world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship.

Afternoon update: if this shit interests you at all, you gotta take a look at the second half of today's Keiser Report where Max Keiser interviews Zeus Yiamouyiannis about Greek tragedies and Greek solutions.

Note Yiamouyiannis' comment about the 'Relentless Maximum Growth' meme, a notion that's very close to my Free Planet heart.

I quite like the bit where Yiamouyiannis explains how Greece was too deeply in debt to get a Bank Note to buy 'western' oil (make of that term what you will) that it had to go buy oil off Iran, direct. Then, knowing this, United Nations sanctions meant non-sale of Iranian Oil. Knowing this would TRASH Greece further. Ruthless fuckers much?

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