Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CITY CAR - how you transport corporate prisoners from workcell to workcell

The CityCar is a foldable, electric, sharable, two-passenger vehicle for crowded cities. Wheel Robots—fully modular in-wheel electric motors—integrate drive motors, suspension, braking, and steering inside the hub-space of the wheel. This drive-by-wire system requires only data, power, and mechanical connection to the chassis.

With over 80 degrees of steering freedom, Wheel Robots enable a zero-turn radius; they also enable the CityCar to fold by eliminating the gasoline-powered engine and drive-train. [source MIT]

I love the way that red Audi nearly bumper-scrapes the back of that car as it pulls out from its parking space - I'm sure that was intentional.

I sorta love the way it's a front loading two-seater, too, i.e. not offspring friendly.

But the basic fact here is, it's both a science piece and a design piece since Science loves Cities - that's where they design PROFIT from mankind's gluttony for new gadgets.

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