Friday, February 24, 2012

LIT MOTORS - C-1 - monocoque gyroscopically stabilised electric motorbike

We all know how I'm a real big fan of Peraves E-TRACER all-electric enclosed motorbike, and a California Bay Area start up also seem to have 'been inspired' by this lovely two-seater monocoqued motorbike from Switzerland.

Lit Motors' twist on their (uglier, single-seater) design is the addition of a clever gryoscopic stabilisation method that keeps the bike upright, even when it's parked; or in a crash.

My take on this is, "You've got the stability issue conquered but E-TRACER still 'looks better' even with the ugly pop-down stabilisers it uses for parking, or when stationary in traffic. Imagine both of my hands pointing towards each other, fingers outstretched. My left hand is the gorgeousness of the E-Tracer's two-seated delightfulness. My right hand is this amazing gyroscopic stabilisation technology of the C-1. Watch how my the fingers of my left hand and the fingers of my right hand interlink in beautiful double-handed union."

"I am the weaver," Bill Hicks 1992/3

Hope and pray that your C-1's battery pack has been fully recharged prior to parking Lit Motors C-1 in public for more than an hour or so, especially on days with high winds.


Lit Team said...

Hey Mike,

Yes, the C-1 will have "landing gear" to keep the vehicle upright when parked. No worries about running down the batteries.

We will release several different body styles on this platform – hopefully one of them will appeal to you! If you have any specific feedback on body style elements you are looking for, feel free to leave us comments on our site,

- Lit Team

Mike Philbin said...

Dear Lit Team,

good news about the 'landing gear'.

Do you have any pre-production sketches I can link to, for the various body frames?

Are you considering a two-seater bob-sleigh version, styled like the e-tracer?

Lit Team said...

Hey MIke,

We don't have any sketches we can release just yet – all are very, very preliminary, just ideas we're kicking around as we concentrate on getting our initial design to production.

Our current design does have a rear passenger seat; the passenger slightly straddles the driver, which is actually a lot less awkward than it sounds. We're exploring the idea of a longer, more traditional cockpit style; our vision is of smaller vehicles with less wasted space, but if the demand is there then we will develop such a body style. Regardless, even a longer body style would end up being shorter than the Pereaves vehicles, due to basic drivetrain differences. The C-1 uses direct-drive, in-hub motors, meaning that there are virtually no drivetrain components contained in the body aside from batteries and control computers. This allows us to make a much more compact vehicle – easier to maneuver, park, store, etc.

-Lit Team

Mike Philbin said...

It's great that you're putting REAL THOUGHT into where you want this technology to go. As far as I'm concerned, it's simple, "You eat with your eyes FIRST," ya know.


Lit Team said...

Ha, thanks...similar to what Nissan did with the Leaf, we're attempting to appeal to a broad audience with this first model. The super sexy/sporty models will follow! =)

-Lit Team