Monday, February 20, 2012

UK Parliament - John Baron - Backbench Business: Iran (Motion)

You'll have missed it, because you were all busy reporting on the Theresa May admission that UK Border Agencies DON'T DO WHAT THEY'RE TOLD by Ministers ... but John Baron, the Conservative MP for Basildon & Billericuy, is encouraging The House to debate whether we should send another army on another Iraq-invasion quest based on 'some intelligence' that Iran is planning to make nukes to kill the west.

According to John Baron's opening statement, Israel wants to make an air-strike on Iran ASAP. I'd never heard it so simply put. Shocking, indeed. And we'd be idiots to forget that there's a MASSIVE Israel Lobby in both the UK Parliament and the US Congress/Senate.

He seems to be suggesting that POLITICAL POSTURING has regularly got in the way of Actual Facts re: enemies among the jackals, in respect of certain/questionable WMD-Iraq and 911-OsamaBinLaden claims that led to invasion and assassination respectively.

Very important point about the 'misquoted translation' that attributed the terrorist quote, "Israel must be wiped of the map," where a more direct Farsi translation would be more about Regime Change being needed in Israel rather than some insane Global Annihilation master move. Is Farsi really that more complicated to translate than 'any other language'?

John Baron ended his opening comments by suggesting that UK could tell USA to tell Israel to back off  from an insane air-strike policy on their arab neighbour (do we have that power?) and then he cites President Nixon's 1972 visit to China. Baron's basically saying, "Let's not go to war (again) on heresay or rhetoric." Very interesting TV, for once. And then Rifkind stood up...

And everyone's missing the real answer to the Iran issue, "There's no such thing as a justification for war based on what weapons a country has."

Anyway, you were all looking the other way ... as usual the Great Magicians took your eye off the ball. As you were, slaves. As you were.

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Mehrnaz said...

I salute John Baron for his brave and ethical stance. His presentation was extremely good and he exposed the dishonesty of the FM when he asked him to explain exactly where in the IAEA report says Iran is building nuclear weapons. Jackson MP from Peterborough spoke a pack of lies with an air of knowledge and confidence. He just fabricated it shamelessly and he must be exposed by anti-war activists in his constituency and nationally by confronting him with his lies about Iran's nuclear programme and his assertion that the next regime in Iran after the death of the Supreme Leader will more more dangerous to the world! If anything it is the hysteria and warmongering against Iran and the brutal sanctions that can sideline moderates and bring forth the most extreme elements. What a bunch of criminal liars, as if over a million dead in Iran and a ruined country is not even worth a blink.