Monday, March 19, 2012

AL Manar - Franklin Lamb in Beirut - violations of US Arms Export Control laws by Israel

Franklin Lamb in Beirut, writing in Al Manar reports on violations of US Arms Export Control laws by Israel.

“An intern and I decided, almost for amusement, to count violations of US Arms Export Control laws by Israel between the date of ACEA enactment, 1976, through last month and we estimated more than 2.5 million violations if we applied the law given the legislative history and intent of Congress at the time of its passage. We based that figure on our estimation of each individual violation of the act as well as of the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act. It could be firing a US 155 mm artillery shell, various missiles, bombs, rockets and of course cluster munitions. For example, were Israel brought before a Court, the prosecutors would surely argue that each cluster booklet dropped on Lebanon in 2006 was a separate violation plus the two million estimated dropped during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon and during the 1978, 1993 and 1996 invasions. Add to this figure Israel’s records of violating US Arms export laws in Gaza, the West Bank and Syria and the true number is surely several million violations. Essentially all committed with impunity.”

Remember, everything on the internet is a potential distributed psy-op propagated for your subversion and subjugation to the CAPITALIST DOLLAR or INVESTOR DIVIDEND or CORPORATE PROFIT.

It's the law of Social Networking, slave.

BONUS MATERIAL: Former CIA agent Michael Scheuer (still) believes Americans 'have elections' and are 'free' ... corporate-fascist mentality, much?

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dognamedblue said...

the internet is HG Wells' "world brain" in full effect

I often think that the "truth" movement & all of its subdivisions are nothing more than control mechanisms to keep us occupied & scurrying around like good obedient servants