Sunday, March 18, 2012

CORPORATE PROFIT and campaign backhanders, that's why.

why are no politicians talking about freeing the privately-held patents to science?

why are no politicians talking about local ethical technologically-ethical solutions to food and water, shelter and sewage?

why are no politicians talking about closing all prisons, ending all wars.

because politicians aren't thick, they've mostly been to college or they've heard a version of the truth from enough NEED TO KNOW operatives that they are well aware we all live on a Debt-based Prison Planet, a GPG or Global Prison Gulag.

whereas what humanity wants, i.e. REALLY REALLY WANTS, is a Creativity, Passion and Kinship-based Free Planet.

Ask them. Ask the masses what they want? Stop drilling home the globalist agenda. Stop brainwashing our children with Kony2012 presentations in our schools.

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