Thursday, March 08, 2012

Economics - Chile - Free Market will gut you wide open, Chicago style.

Sure, you can laugh at the in-joke of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (Jamie Dimon and Blythe Masters respectively) funnies that permeate the MF Global $1.2billion discussion in the first half of this latest edition of The Keiser Report, but it's the second part where Dr. Michael Hudson of the University of Missouri in Kansas City goes into the revolting, nauseating, gruesome detail of The Chicago School's economic involvement with CHILE.

And it's the Chicago School that's running your FREE MARKET, seriously.

This money-murdered world is sooooooooooo fucked up, man, so broken beyond reason.


eileen said...

Max Keiser has done it bringing in the facts and real world information to the masses. No more lies!

ps: The interview starts at 13 minutes. Make sure you watch it till the 20 minute mark (if you want to know what will happen to us next).

Mike Philbin said...

yes, Eileen, as described in the original post, it's the SECOND HALF of that 25 minutes episode that's most relevant to THE REAL HORROR OF THE CHICAGO SCHOOL of 'economics'.