Sunday, February 23, 2014

Campaign to get Free Planet Blog UNBLOCKED by Facebook

'Free Planet blocked by Facebook'

(original version of this blogpost first written in 2011)
The last few emails I've received on this 'free planet blocked by facebook' issue, have had somewhere in the title or body, "You must be doing something right." Now, while this might 'up my kudos' or something, I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in people being able to share the Free Planet message of Creativity, Passion and Kinship with their fellow man, their Facebook friends.

Free Planet IS NOT A SPAMMING SITE, nor does it contain spyware of any sort as all the content (which is written as text) is hosted on Google's own hosting service BLOGGER.

Facebook has been blocking links to Free Planet's posts since around or before 2011. In fact, through 2012-13 this blocking of free planet became a MAJOR INTERNET ISSUE with sites like Digg etc having whole threads on it.

* * * *

The FREE PLANET blog has 380+ Followers and thousands of hits a day. Those concerned readers, those free thinkers, those soon-to-be dissidents (obviously) might want to share the Free Planet message with as many of their 'social media friends' as possible, this includes their friends on Facebook (a totally legitimate thing to do, right?)

When I had a Facebook account, pre-2012, I personally asked Facebook to stop blocking this not-for-profit Free Planet blog on numerous occassions. I believe many other people have also complained to Facebook to get them to unblock this blog's url or bitly or tinyurl versions (smell the collusion).

All to no avail.

* * * * *

Facebook should just play fair and UNBLOCK Free Planet so that posts can be shared with friends.
FEB 23rd 2014 UPDATE: this issue has now been going for more than a couple of years, with no Free Planet-interested parties able to share any message from this blog with their Facebook friend lists. I rejoined Facebook to get this rectified - here's Mike Philbin's Facebook Page, if you wanna join in and ensure that the Free Planet Blog is unblock i.e. marked as safe, by Facebook.


Jennifer Reynolds said...

This has been going on for a long time! I have tried to post a link to one of your writings here multiple times --- it never works.

Mike Philbin said...


blogpost updated, with news that the bitly/tinyurl workaround has been SUBVERTED.

How do they do that?

As I'm no longer on facebook I can't complain (not that it did any good when I was), PUBLIC CAMPAIGN OF REINSTATEMENT looks like the only way.

The Sonic Awakening said...

Keep up the good work Mike. This is a really good blog.

Facebook's CIA masters are becoming more and more obvious.

Alex V said...

just hack the matrix (FB), modify the address like this:, by adding a dot (.) in the middle of the address, in this case FB accepts the text. Then tell the people that before copying and posting the url address in their browser they must delete de (.) and voila, they can browse the info. It worked!