Monday, March 26, 2012

Nuked WTC's Dmitri Khalezov was on the NO PLANES band-wagon early.

I hadn't realised (or maybe I was BLANKING IT because I'd yet to become an official 9/11 No Planer) when I first did my 9/11 investigations, that '150 kt underground nuked WTC-proponent' Dmitri Khalezov had NO PLANES as a central core issue in his earliest expression of the Ground Zero event/redefinition piece ... whatever 9/11 eventually turns out to be.

Below is part two of twenty-six about the nuked WTC but I specifically want to draw your attention to Dmitri's technical claim that, "A sub-sonic aluminium plane CAN NOT penetrate 2-inch-thick steel," and this is whether you believe the WTC designer Frank A. DeMartini who says the WTC can accept multiple hits from jet liners, acting like a 'mosquito net for a pencil'.

"It does nothing to the screen netting" UNQUOTE... i.e. the exterior columns WON'T be sliced through by an aluminium plane, i.e. the section steel-columnar design of the WTC would act like a CHEESE GRATER on anything so soft as a commercial airliner.

The WTC designer's words are still valid, it's just that a sub-sonic cylindrical aluminium projectile will not penetrate even tank armour at one inch thickness of steel. And the velocity of the armour-piercing projectile needs to be THREE or FOUR times the speed of sound. So, something should have melted off, or fallen off, the outside of the building.

Here's a link to my Feb 2011 piece on Dmitri Khalezov that has the full 26-part PLAYLIST.

Also, if we remember the phone call from Kevin Michael Kosgrove on the 106th floor of the WTC as it comes down, if he's ABOVE the 100th floor, then he wouldn't be CRUSHED by the rising pressure wave from the 'alleged' 150 kt deep underground nuclear explosion Dmitri Khalezov says brought down WTC 1, and 2, and 7. What's that 'strange interference' boiling sound for a few seconds before the building collapses??? Man, this is 'reliving the nightmare' all over again. And I'll do it, until the culprits are caught. Until there are NO MORE SECRETS.

There's a 'very interesting' consequence of the GRANIT missile hitting the Pentagon in the THE ONLY PLACE THEY CAN SOURCE IT is the sunken Kursk submarine, upon which were 21 other Granit missiles. Which means there are 21 other 500 kt NUCLEAR WARHEADS hanging around in the world. And funny that part 18 of 26 mentions a "nuclear explosion taking place in LONDON" certainly with this being 2012 i.e. Olympics Games London year.

PS: Dmitri Khalezov seems to have 'fallen off the face of the planet' somewhere in Spring of 2011.

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