Saturday, March 03, 2012

Susan Lindauer - ten years after 9/11 - the libyan videos?

1) I should have featured this last year when it happened, but it DOESN'T MATTER how late I am with this as NOBODY FUCKING CARES if there was a plot to energize the Jihadi Movement via 9/11 (whatever that was) and enslave THE WORLD (eventually) under Corporate Martial Law.

The Q&A aspect of this presentation is the most interesting aspect, especially when Lindauer states that THE PATRIOT ACT is based pretty-muc-verbatim on the Soviet Criminal Act that set up the whole gulag system UNQUOTE.

01:23:40, "In 1995. You just don't wander into the Libya House. If I had not been a sp.." what the hell was this in that video?

2) The following RT interview from 2011 is also interesting in that I don't remember Susan Lindauer actually releasing this spirited-out-of-Libya footage of pro-Gaddafi supporters being tortured and maimed and murdered by the rebel forces to the internet. She claimed 'the rebels' were 'the same Al Qaeda fighters' out of Afghanistan and Iraq back then.

Funny that she's unaware of the 'alleged' SYRIA insurgence-funding at this point, though this is not so amazing in that she's 'totally out of the intelligence loop' now. Maybe she always was. Assets are for burning - everybody knows this in the corporate WAR world.

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