Saturday, March 10, 2012

What I'd like is...


Yes, you heard me, I'd like a proper overview of the pyramid or pyramids that rule this stupid planet.

I'd like a good NO MORE SECRETS look into the way those who pull the strings on this prison planet get away with the games they play on us, on You The People.

Is there going to come a time when ALL MANKIND will see the food that's sticking to the end of every fork? And by this I mean that Naked Lunch moment where all the figures are in, all the hierarchies of interconnectedness of the global elite and their associates are laid out on the table, all the schemes and scams that are active on this planet in the name of Corporate Profit are exposed and accounted for?

No more guess work.
No more supposition and accusation.
No more convoluted and confounding conspiracy theories.

Imagine I can scale my body such that I can touch the Earth with one hand and the Sun with the other. Imagine if I was that big, that powerful, that astronomically influential, that I could curl my left hand around the world and curl my right hand around the sun and smash them together. It'd all be over for you, for me, and for them. But I'd prefer some sort of informational halfway house. Just scale up to the place where the Global Hierachy Game is active and thousands of compartmentalised global chess pieces are busy rushing around like headless chickens blythely doing their masters' bidding in the name of this Annual Report or that Profits Announcement.

Imagine a kid at the beach, turning over big rocks and finding all sorts of funny little creatures clinging to the underside. Funny little creatures, that just about sums it up; you fuckers. I'd like to be that kid, seeing exactly who and what is supposedly running this beach and who the fuck do they think they are that they can ever hope to remain hidden from the wrath of the public, forever.

In other words, A PROPER OVERVIEW of why mankind as a fear-managed entity does what it does. The finances, the ownership, the lies and deceit, the religious dogma aka marketing. And I want this in a simple interface format where I can just click on a widget and it'll show me who's connected to what in the world. I want to use this to expose why mankind needs to start thinking for itself and reassessing all the old feudalistic/empire rules it's been enslaved under since before the Romans arrived in Britain.


What I'm basically asking, and I know this is the really important REALLY IMPOSSIBLE part, why aren't You The People asking for a current accounting, a proper overview, of the life and death game you're involved in, someone else's game, some one else's fun and japes. It's no fun for you who are having to put up with this TOTALLY ARBITRARY (often horse-has-bolted) ruleset in the name of maintenance of the old landed castle-building war-mongering ways.

Very quick update:  this isn't really what I was after, it's a little too particular, dealing as it does ONLY with the production and sales of arms, but thanks to the kind person who suggested it, as a link  War Profiteers: Ten Companies Making a Killing. Nice title, too. This article goes in the toolbox alongside the one marked Six major corporations own the mainstream media, but it's a step in the right direction.

NO MORE SECRETS, that's what I'd 'really' like.

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