Friday, April 20, 2012

CHEMTRAIL NEWS - Oxford - April 20th 2012

here are the headlines

1) THEY'RE BACK - and seriously, I don't know what they are, but after several days without them, then a swirl of low pressure that caused rainclouds, they're back - long white lines across a once-clear blue sky.

2) WYTHAM WOODS - a friend of mine, who I've been trying to convince about chemtrails or 'some sort of fuel additive' that's causing long white lines across our clear blue skies, actually seems to have had a Road To Damascus moment. He's been talking to his friend who has connections with the particulate data collection and analysis for the Wytham Woods are here in Oxford.

"You were right," he said, "About the chemtrails. You said there'd be a dip, barium was it, when the Eyjafjallajokull volcano went pop in Iceland in 2010, downing UK air traffic. Yeah, I talked to GAVE NAME at the analysis centre. Said your spike (or de-spike) was right there in the data during the downed air period, where you predicted it would be."

He didn't have much time, it was a meeting in passing, in the street, but what an intriguing turn up for the books, it's like he'd turned into a chemtrail nut overnight, he was going on about these chemtrails documentaries and science programmes on BBC4 I'd missed.

Very strange.

April 21st update:
7:45 a.m.
you know, I'm not so sure if the 'chemtrails' have come back. It's the Saturday after the Sunday before. You remember the post, CLEAR BLUE SKIES. And there was a 'bit of weather' in the week, I thought I'd spotted a rash of chemtrails peeking through a break in the cloud. But again this morning we're at CLEAR BLUE SKY status and I'm thinking there've been NO CHEMTRAILS for the whole of the week. And I'm STILL feeling very positive about life, like a weight's still lifted, no geo-engineering in my sky.

Also, I've decided to get to the bottom of the Wytham Woods claims (above) and I'll be meeting up with 'that contact' in the week for a bit of a pub event to get the exact details of what he was told re: "I was right about the barium in the particulates data."

11:10 a.m.
as if to add 'insult to insecurity' I was heading out, to the shops, in the briefly blue sky between clouds a single white plane that was very high and didn't look like a normal i.e. slightly swept-back-winged Commercial Flight. This plane has a very large wingspan, was making noise like it was a prop-driven affair, and it had no ENGINES (jet or prop) on its very perpendicular front wings. Maybe it had them on the tail. It was very high. From the back of this fucking white bastard poured THREE STREAMS of thick white chemtrail. Seriously, they're taking the piss - these 'persistent contrail' or 'geo-engineering powder' cut across the whole sky from NNW to SSE. What absolute bastards!

May 25th update: just had a very interesting meeting with someone who knows someone who... you get the gist, right? Turns out those dates (2009/10?) of chemtrails activity I sent to a friend of a friend who can test the air particulates quality over Oxford for THE EXACT DATES sent, was rather surprised when my 'suggestion' that a Barium spike should register in the data proved true. That technician 'can't understand' how I'd know why there'd be a Barium Spike in the data ONLY for the days I 'noticed chemtrails in the sky'. Test was double-blinded, so it was a good test.

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