Monday, April 16, 2012

chemtrail update - second day of CLEAR BLUE SKIES - updated

I was just gonna add this to yesterday's STUNNING SUNDAY without a single long white diffusing line polluting the clear blue sky, but I'm gonna start this NEW BLOGPOST about the phenomenon.

That image there (right) that's the 'chemtrail skies' we usually (almost every day) see over Oxford, mostly to the south taking in the east-west flightlines in and out of Heathrow and Gatwick, etc. But often from the northern flightlines in and out of Heathrow and Gatwick etc.

Today, as yesterday, there are no such white lines across the sky. It's just a natural blue sky with the odd sparse cloud, just like I remember it from my childhood when I would spend days out playing in fields with my friends.

Today, as yesterday, my mind is lifted, my personality is refreshed, my body feels great.

This is seriously weird.

Day Later Update: the cloud of this Tuesday 17th April morning has cleared and STILL NOT A SINGLE 'CHEMTRAIL' IN THE SKY. Not one. Clear blue sky, and I (personally) continue to feel truly energised by this. Very soon, this'll be A WHOLE WEEK without a single white scar across my sky. Let's hope it's the start of a new era on Free Planet.


Uninvited_1 said...

Here in Sydney Australia we had 5 days clear then they started with a vengeance the past 48 hours

Mike Philbin said...

How did you feel for those FIVE DAYS, did you notice a positive or negative change during "no lines" times?

Uninvited_1 said...

very much so. I was reminded of my childhood and the crisp refreshing air. The whole atmosphere was could actually breath again and smell the sweetness which I had almost forgotten. My essence certainly felt joy and a sense of hope so you can only imagine how I felt when I saw them at it again on Sunday. So brazen and so contemptible. Needless to say we are back to the ugly streams of spew they persist to poison all with.

Jahfree777 said...

wow same thing here in RI usa. we had 3 days with no chemtrails and when i was reading both of your statements I couldnt believe had the same exact memories of your childhoods. clean skies positive spirit and energy I even told my wife who chooses to remain blind to chemtrails about how there where no chemtrails in the sky and she had to agree how clear the skies where.

Jahfree777 said...

WOW, we had 3 days here in RI, USA of clear skies, no chemtrails. and I to was amazed at how clear headed, energetic, and positive I felt. I also had the same exact memories, thinking back to my childhood to identify those same feelings. I'm so curious as to why we all thought back to our childhoods. very interesting!!

Mike Philbin said...

because they were the best times? the least complicated? the most emotionally spontaneous? the liveliest? the most natural, pre-corruption from Corporate War dogma?


Uninvited_1 said...

Good question Mike. I have just woken and, as I could have predicted, it is overcast, drizzling and the wind is whipping up in the trees.
Perhaps I was reminded of my childhood because I grew up in a rural area and love nature and spent many a time just staring up at the sky, watching the lonely crows fly by or the hawks as the searched for their prey high in the crystal clear skies.
It was not just the air that had a different quality then or how clear the skies were, it was the atmosphere as a whole. Sometimes I think that we just don't take the time anymore to even look up to the skies and appreciate a beautiful clear day and how that makes us energizing and positive it is.