Friday, April 27, 2012

FREE PLANET held to ransom - what utter rot - plus escape plan

Early adopters to the Free Planet ideology, where you don't have to pay and pay and pay for life-basics like food, water, shelter, got this knowledge for FREE.

People are beginning to see the sense of everything mankind can invent with his great brain being supplied by mankind, ethically-planet-friendly, for free.

"Do right by Free Planet," is the one and only rule.

The remainder of the seven billion people will now have to pay to receive this knowledge, think of it as a charitable donation or ransom (whichever you're more comfortable with).    

You're concerned by this monetary development in the Free Planet lesson, and I totally understand that. The FREE PLANET free ebook (as it was) was only ever intended to be a handy guide for those ebook readers among you who couldn't be bothered to find All Free Planet Posts on this blog.  It's always been here FOR FREE, and always will be.

Now, forgive me.

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