Wednesday, April 25, 2012

free planet - TRON: ISOMORPHIQUE - clu happened.

"clu happened,"

rather a profound statement, PROFIT happened would be more honest, a coup of Utopia happened would be more truthful, a Police State nearly happened in the name of TGCG or Total Global Control of the Grid.

I'm enjoying the second viewing of TRON:LEGACY a lot more than the first time; love the eighties vibe in Flynn's speech patterns and the alien camp of digital mythology. The way everyone's a DOUBLE AGENT, just like real industry - the perverse excesses of the deal-makers - the way everybody is expendable to the needs of the game.

I mean, "Look at the DATA DISC!" how prescient of Disney to try to point out the EXTREME OBVIOUS back then in the 1980's. The data-disc is not just every detail of your interaction with the Corporate War Machine, the data-disc YOU is realer than the flesh and blood YOU. In the realm of the game, you are NOTHING MORE than the accumlated hits (inserted or recorded) of your digital life. As far as the game goes, "No data-disc, no play."

R.E.I.N.T.E.G.R.A.T.I.O.N., it's a core phrase I just used (coincidentally) throughout the second-drafting my Free Planet novel, in fact I used the phrase in an earlier post from April 16th on this blog. In the Tron:Legacy film it represents the recombination of Kevin Flynn and his clu. In the real world of Free Planet, it's the recombination of the global game player (languishing in the abstract and arbitrary ruleset of THE GAME) and 'those who've been eviscerated from the game in the name of Notional Security'.

PROFIT (clu) is building an army, to enforce the rules of their New (invaded (infiltrated (cyber))) World. Man, it sounds so like TODAY it's difficult to hold back my sudden appreciation for Disney in trying to bring your this fact. It's all there for you to see with your RealEyes™. You can see it, honestly, if you want. It's right there, under your nose, now. In public view.

Unless you're dead behind the eyes. Unless you're nothing more than a droid in the machine.

"Sometimes, it's amazing how productive doing nothing can be," doesn't cut it, any more. We are all (all seven billion of us) entirely culpable for the mess we've left of this planet. We've all kept our heads down, hoping this insane game we devised to manage our acquisitions wouldn't cast its carnivorous gaze upon us. We've shamed ourselves, literally.

"A new piece on the board changes the game - the best way to win is to change the game," that's classier. And remember, Free Planet is not about punishing the players of the previous game, it is more about protecting all seven billion sovereign humans from the generational torture of the clu-game in the first place.

FREE PLANET is the new game.
YOU THE PEOPLE are the new player.
CUSTODIANISM and 'do right by' must protect the game they're happiest playing.

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