Monday, April 23, 2012

Hatsune Miku was there long before 2Pac.

as we all know, the Japanese are the WORLD'S BEST CORPORATE SLAVES, as illustrated here by there insanely gushing adoration of rendered pop-star 'Hatsune Miku'.

Fear not, dear fan of Free Planet, dear follower, dear disgusted/concerned 'got here by following some xenophobic link on some xenophobic thread on some xenophobic forum somewhere', this is not some racist rant against our asian pop friends, this is just to prove that The Japanese got their pop-raganda into the indoctrinated minds of those Consumers long before the 'wow isn't it amazing ooh' 2pac hologram made a slip-sliding appearance on the LIVE scene alondside Snoop Dogg.

No, this particular post is just a little bit more about alleged micro-biologist (murdered-Amschel Rothschild's cousin) military-trained Actor Arrenay whom I bumped into again in a random place. Actor Arrenay's holocaustic worldview didn't waver one jot. And yeah, I did use phrases and questions to 'test his story'. But it was solid. He was spot on, exactly as before. In fact, it was reinforced and accentuated in ways that were, quite frankly, shocking.

The question of who's really doing what to whom and who's really scaring the Big Boys like USA, Russia and China is THE MOST AMAZING STORY you've never even heard suggested by the MSM or mainstream media (or even the alternative media). Actor Arrenay suggests this cover image of PARTY MUSIC that was due to be released by The Coup some time before September 11th 2001 might be relevant. Mad cow, anthrax, Chernobyl, Princess Di. The album cover was pulled in November 2001 and The Coup suffered a bus flip in 2004.

In an interview with Seattle newspaper The Stranger, Boots Riley spoke about his fight to keep the album cover following the events of September 11:

"There's been a whitewash in the media over the past couple days over what the U.S.'s role in the world is, and the fact that they kill hundreds of thousands of people per year to protect profit. Now how can I get to the point where I could be saying that on the world stage, and interrupt the lies that CBS, CNN, NBC, and everyone is saying? In my view, that [would be] by keeping the cover. Not because I think by looking at the cover you get all of this message that I'm telling you, but as a way to have a platform to interrupt the stream of lies that are being told right now."

Which doesn't explain why the cover image shows ALMOST EXACTLY where the bombs on September 2001 (because there were only digital planes) were to go off. So, what's really going on here? Biological war? Glass bead-insert war? Nuclear war? Slave war?

Please don't kill the messenger, I'm just reported the fantasist-facts as delivered. Finally, please don't 'suicide' Actor Arrenay, he reckons he's loaded up with PRIONS and his death will release INSANELY VIRULENT agents into the atmosphere - TWO WEEK GESTATION PERIOD - no survivors.

Who really knows, but it's a story that NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT.

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