Friday, April 13, 2012

there's nothing wrong with competition, right?

c/o Lord Kronos
in this year of the 2012 British Olympics, isn't it OBVIOUS that competition is good?

We've had it drilled into us from an early age that WINNER TAKES ALL and SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST and all of that glib crap.

In wartime, our Kinship is pushed to the max (we bond as never before), our Passion is ratcheted up with self-protective propaganda and our Creativity increases millionfold so that we can make the weapons that will defeat our enemies.

But this isn't wartime, Mike - wake the fuck up - there are no bombs dropping from the sky, there are no marauding armies, there are no changes in borders or countries or policy.

Oh, really?

Corporatism. Consumerism. Capitalism; even Communism. Competition is all about BEING IN A PERPETUAL STATE OF WAR; us against them: give no quarter. Enemies to the death. A game with rules.

And the legal outcome of this GAME WITH RULES depends upon WHO WINS, right?

You're on the winning side, you did good, right?

Imagine a world where all the oceans weren't clogged with toxic waste.
Imagine a world where you'd be free to move and live however and wherever you wanted.
Imagine a world where you didn't have to pay for food, water, shelter; life.

There's nothing wrong with competition as long as you eviscerate your enemy; and currently PROFIT is your enemy. Profit makes you act in a self-protective fashion. Profit makes you erect walls around your property. Profit makes you shun those who don't win like you.

In the sickened world of commercial (and commercialised (corporate war)) competition, Creativity, Passion and Kinship are no use to you if your profit margins aren't high enough, if your dividends to your shareholders aren't generous enough, if your projections aren't optimistic enough; if you can't make enough to pay your debts, pay your slave taxes, pay your way.

That endebted world must end for the sake of the real competition; Free Planet.

We need to start seeing how Competition (us vs them) can be expanded out to The Planet (and not just the competing individuals) where us vs them means, STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME.

This broken world is THEIR GAME. It's broke. It don't work. Why? Self-protectivist back-watching betrayal and mind games are all part of the arbitrary ruleset of the Me Me Me game. And that's all competition has become for so many on this planet, "What can I get? How can I win?"  without really stopping, taking a breath, and wondering if they're fighting for the right side, at all.

Free Planet proposes a change of game, a change of direction, a change of vector. A shift to a planet-oriented, a planet-protectionist, existence where You The People take it upon yourselves to express your insane competition in ensuring that (during your expression of Creativity, Passion and Kinship where great new inventions blossom and wonderful new expressions of how to rewild the world come into play), NOTHING IS DONE TO HARM THIS PLANET.

And by that I mean NOTHING.


Tess said...

Great points.

We can easily imagine the following... Even if it doesn't play out this way, even if we eventually have the means to create out of "nothing" (matter changed to a desired form) these two or three items, I believe, are in harmony with our New World thinking and desires:

1) Time share homes for free - lovingly decorated (hands off delicate objects?) and maintained with the beautiful things that already exist. Whereas those who visit treat it with respect leaving it as found or better than found (using reliable skill). Donations.

2) Museums for free - lovingly arranged donated items no longer manufactured, but placed in view for all to see. (Yes, these exist, I know.) Gardens surround them and they have flying saucer parking (lol!). Donations.

3) Sharing and trading jewelry cleaned by special "field" technology adapted to the object (this needs to be invented/ provided). No more mining Gaia for jewelry purposes (my goodness). ebay?

Note: We need to use our imaginations... All of us... Think thoughts that serve All. Good thoughts ARE magic and counteract what we don't want. May Love and Light occupy the collective imagination.


Tess said...

Love and Light to your mind, to your body... to your soul.

Mike Philbin said...


thanks for thinking that Free Planet is a good idea.

Seems like more and more people are starting to understand how Big Business or Corporate War has been exploiting them for far too long in the name of PROFIT.