Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Corporate War Machine - nuke testing on human subjects

first, here's a report from the BBC about nuke-related birth defects in Falluja, Iraq.

now, here's the research footage from the Corporate War Machine circa 1950's:

smiling happy conscripts soon to be infected with blood and lung cancers; sentenced to painful lingering deaths.

the irony of seeing one of the crouching soldiers smoking a 'cancer stick' or cigarette.

this is MASS MURDER in the name of Science, but to what ends?

with this knowledge, already gleaned in the 1950's, how could the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE then go ahead and use DEPLETED/ENRICHED Uranium in the Battle of Falluja in 2005.

I mean, "What is wrong with this fucking insanely inhuman game?" can you see that yet?

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