Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Former CIA agent - Robert David Steele - Free Planet Custodianism

Powerful message from former C.I.A. agent Robert David Steele to all Americans.

"I'm a spy saying spying doesn't work. It's costing you $1.2billion A WEEK, to produce the President's DAILY BRIEF."

Admittedly, this guy ISN'T a Free Planet Custodian - he's all about PROTECTING THE STATE, protecting the American Constitution and American interests at home and abroad - he could even still be employed by the CIA in subtle disinformation campaign. He has some great pat phrases that he spits out like a machine...

He's undoubtedly a proponent of PROFIT-based Economies, the REAL RUINERS of our once-beautiful homeworld.

But he seems lucky enough to have his mind switched on in the right sort of way, the bloggers and their push for ANSWERS. Not that they'll ever get them. Not with the setup that's still in place after all these false flag events. In fact, should Robert David Steele DARE to reveal anything other than the most basic details of his role in the CIA, he'll probably have an 'accident' or a 'suicide' in the name of National Security.

That phrase, "What a joke," it should be called Corporate Security, because it's more about CORPORATE WEALTH PROTECTIVISIM than it is about The American Way.

"Keep our secrets secret for our PROFIT, for the sole benefit of our country, not theirs," that's REALLY what we're saying when we use the phrase "National Security". Because we're still like prisoners with our thick (i.e. dumb) gang-tattoed arm around our prison gruel. Protecting it from other ruthless (and stupid) gang-tattooed fuckers who would steal our gormless prison gruel for their own fat bellies. And it's never enough. There's always MORE GRUEL to steal, if you can. And why not steal the gruel from neighbouring prisons, from prisons in neighbouring countries, even.

Okay, let's listen to what Robert David Steele is actually saying, "Wealth that stabilises the Earth," i.e. he's wrong about that economic growth model. It's never worked, never will. There's always THE NEED FOR ASSET PROTECTION, via covert assets in the field, in the boardroom, in the workplace. Spies still working, though it "don't work" as he puts it. Do you see the contradiction, over and over again???

Though he does mention "KINSHIP" in passing, is Robert David Steele really saying SEVEN BILLION SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUALS ON THIS PLANET CAN SELF-RULE via Do Right By striving to execute Creativity, Passion and Kinship on a Free Planet?

I wonder if he's thought that far ahead yet...

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Unknown said...

Yes. See my book (pieces online free at Phi Beta Iota), THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO: Transparency, Truth, & Trust. I am a huge fan of P2P, collaborative economies, cognitive surplus, and MORAL capitalism in which the workers own the fruits of their labor. And by the way, I ran for President (see We the People Reform Coalition), mostly to meet all the other candidates, and called for the elimination of all taxes, less a half of one percent automated payment transaction tax.