Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Oliver North - The Future is Black - Anonymous on the warpath


Oliver North, you remember that guy, right? Central to the Congressional investigation of the IRAN/CONTRA affair, where American arms were sold to Iran during an already-existing arms embargo?

What is THAT GUY doing promoting CALL OF DUTY:THE FUTURE IS BLACK mainstream armageddon simulation product?

"Did I miss a meeting?" Bill Hicks, r.i.p.

The war against YOU THE PEOPLE has officially begun. God bless us all.

And then, bang on cue, like the cavalry rushing to the rescue, here comes ANONYMOUS ('smeared', as they put it, by Call of Duty 2: Future is Black) to WAGE WAR ON ACTIVISION. It's all so laughably funny, this Corporate War Game where you can no longer tell your friends from your enemies. Can we just agree to disagree, and suggest changing the game, going Free Planet, and forgetting that we tried to fuck our brother, our sister, our global family, in the name of market share, dividend and DOG EAT DOG.

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