Tuesday, May 01, 2012

ONE WORLD TRADE becomes tallest Pyramid in New York

blatantly freemasonic rival to the TransAmerica building in downtown San Francisco, the new ONE WORLD TRADE CENTRE building in Manhattan is about as close to a pyramidic design, or at least the Cap Stone of a pyramid, as you can get without totally closing the cap. Or does it actually represent the Opening Pyramid i.e. a de-capped pyramid unfurling like the unfurling London bus in the Beijing Handover Ceremony?

Or if you look at it, is it two pyramids (or two towers (or two pillars)) one pointing up, one pointing down; overlayed, interspliced, interlaced like the fake planes into the bombed buildings on 9/11 - good and evil, heaven and earth, combined; global heiroglyph of Corporate Unification.

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