Friday, May 04, 2012

PRE DAWN DARKNESS - LIGHT OF A NEW DAY - Young Turks take on Obama

THE YOUNG TURKS are explaining about the 'ten more years' of American Occupation of Afghanistan.

How much is THAT per year? How can anyone afford that?

Here's Prez Obama returning from taking a piss behind a military vehicle to tell us all why War is Peace. For me, the 'new dawn' phraseology Obama reads @ 03:35 THE PRE DAWN DARKNESS and @ 03:40 LIGHT OF A NEW DAY ON THE HORIZON is the biggest 'woah' moment for Free Planet.

And it's not the first time Obama's read out such leering New World Order newsspeak for example:

Operation Iraqi Freedom becomes Operation New Dawn

okay,  Obama's not as blatant as all those other financier-sucking politicians (Rumpoy, Brown, Bush snr et al) who've OPENLY called for a New World Order but his scriptwriters have always been 'careful'. Unlike US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who had the gall to use the glaring phrase Rule of Law yesterday, harking back to Bush snr's September 10th 1991 speech re: NEW WORLD ORDER.

Sing along everyone, "Here comes the sun!"

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