Friday, May 18, 2012

Sibel Edmonds - Classified Woman - Our Allies Mujahedin

"Al Qaeda wasn't called Al Qaeda until 9/11 in the FBI. Through 1996 to 2001 ... they were called Our Allies Mujahedin," that's the most amazing early quote from State-whsitleblower Sibel Edmonds interviewed (voice only) for 36 mins on the Alex Jones show yesterday.

"The only power capable of taking away our liberties and destroying our Constitution is THE GOVERNMENT. They have made Constitution irrelevant. Constitution today is like some sort of historic document," she elucidates.

"Sibel Edmonds, I wish more MEN were like you," Jones enthuses. Yeah, I left that quote in (even though it made me chuckle for a few minutes) because IT'S TRUE. It's a shame there are not more men with BALLS LIKE THESE.

DAY LATER UPDATE: here's an hour-long follow-up VIDEO SKYPE interview with Sibel Edmonds on the Alex Jones Nightly News, where she claims THE GOVERNMENT IS RAPING YOU!

"The Elites (i.e. those who ruthlessly run the Corporate War Game for PROFIT) are saying, 'Who can challenge us?'" unfortunately, TRUTH will challenge them. And real soon.

Free Planet.

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