Monday, May 28, 2012

The Voice - Becky Hill - Like A Star a star, indeed. Listen to the pain and anguish and restrained emotion in this semi-final effort from Becky Hill on BBC's THE VOICE.

To pick Vince Kidd over this girl shows (to me) that the viewing public in this country are FUCKING CLUELESS.

I mean, the Corinne Bailey Rae version is alright. You know, it's a cute song anyway. But - every single time - I'm just weeping uncontrollably like a blubbering idiot. A blubbering idiot. EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear Becky Hill's EVISCERATING version of LIKE A STAR.

I'm reminded of Sade. I'm reminded of Tracy Chapman. And yes, Janis Joplin (when she really rocks it).

One year from now. Becky Hill will surely be invited back on The Voice as on of 2012/13's great success stories. I hope. I mean, I really hope this isn't the last we hear of this gifted individual.


muzuzuzus said...

ahaaaa man, I love ya!! That you feel same way about Becky. I cannot tell you how moved I was by her performance Like A Star. I was INFURIATED when that fukin Irish tinker started berating it. That tosser knows NOTHING NOTHING about music, about soul. I was so angry I was pretending to beat his head in with my slipper (yeah I wear slippers) on the screen. But i WAS fukin mad.

Vince DOES have lots of Charisma, and I had a feeling the 'great british public' would vote him, but was praying Becky would get picked. I had voted for her, and Ruth. But my eyes lit up when I saw you mention this because it tells me you know what is good music and soul! But don't worry, I am SURE we is gonna be seeing a lot more of becky. I am gonna try and do some twitters to big her up to. She reminds me of Janis Joplin---there is a wild intensity about her which is electric.

Mike Philbin said...

aye, obvious star is obvious