Saturday, June 16, 2012

does a change of DRIVER alter the performance of the CAR?

We can all understand this simple analogy of Driving a Car, right?  The Car is something that has particular properties; its colour, its price, its size, its horse power, its chassis, its level of finish, its handling and performace, right?

We're all familiar with the Car Template, right?

Now, put two different drivers in the same car (as separate events), and what do you get? Well, more or less THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS reflecting subtly the driving style or confidence of each driver. Now, and this is the scary part ... apply the Car Template to the Human Template.


Go on, insert a different Driver into the Human and you get "more or less THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS reflecting subtly the driving style or confidence of the Driver".  My point? The Human and the Car have both been MANUFACTURED: one in a factory and the other in a car factory.  The Human Factory, of course, is that aspect of our upbringing (be that TV or tribal or prison) that shapes the Template of our Construction. Admittedly, it's a little more organic than the Car Construction Template, but at its core the basics are comparable.  We are grown, rather than grow; we're nurtrured (or abused) and refined (or broken) it's all the same.

Are we Organic Lifeforms?
Or are we Spiritual Lifeform?

Do we mean a separate 'soul' (that itself could live on a separate plane of existence) that gives distanced command over the flesh or do we mean an integrated part of the Car?

For example: back to the Car Analogy, what if our Driver is DRUNK or FEVERISHLY ILL or WOUNDED IN BATTLE, how do these characteristics then translate into our control of the Human Vehicle?

And what about those 'drivers' who are totally INCAPABLE of maintaining such a delicate piece of machinery such that it depreciates to a small percentage of its value; the degenerate vampires of Human Mileage?
Are our physical bodies being HANDICAPPED by the trials being subjected to our Spiritual or Extra-dimensional bodies?  Is this why there's maybe MORE to Chinese Medicine (which deals with de-congestion of energy lines, and the (technical) Banning of Bad Drivers) than Western Medicine (which deals more with de-congestion of traffic lights and use of Cigarette Lighters)?

So, crux of this ramble, and just like the LE MANS 24 HOUR RACE (and to avoid 'accidents at the wheel'), the switch-overs take place at night, during dreams. The DRIVERS, I mean, and there's no way to tell, right?

So, why not, right?

And this is even BEFORE I start to expound upon the concept of Dual Drivers, one for each hemisphere of the brain... as in the above horrific illustration.

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