Sunday, June 17, 2012

HSBC - Little Investor - Eye of Horus

it's the new HSBC ad "Little Investor" (directed by Benito Montorio for JWT) about this kid who runs about ruining his childhood slaving away for pocket money to fill his seven piggy banks.

The Illuminati really love the number seven; let's go through the piggy banks from left to right: a Japanese Pagoda, an Indian elephant, a Chinese cat, a Countryless pyramid, a Russian doll, a New York taxi, an ENglish post box.

Note that two are central to the tableau:

1) the Japanese pagoda, in which he's depositing his slave-peso
2) the ALL SEEING EYE Illuminati de-capped Countryless pyramid under his clavicles - exactly where his heart should be. Or is it a neckless i.e. financial yoke, around humanity's neck?

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