Friday, June 22, 2012

is Lars Gustavsson of DICE in Sweden about to announce MIRROR'S EDGE 2

Mirror's Edge, brought to market by DICE (EA_Sweden), was a flawed but wonderful non-fps game combining Police State couriers and parkour, why did EA never sanction a sequel?

Well, they did, for several years.

At one point mid-2009 coder Kai Z was hired to work on the crowd simulation aspect - remember Mirror's Edge was an EMPTY CITY, apart from a few cops, which would have given the franchise a decidedly Assassin's Creed look and feel maybe?

In early 2011, EA rejected another Mirror's Edge 2 candidate.

Rumour has it DICE Creative Director Lars Gustavsson is close to announcing a decent attempt at a playable level for MIRROR'S EDGE 2 soon - but then I keep reporting the same intel about Jaguar's C-X75 turbine-driven electric Supercar.

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