Friday, June 22, 2012

Nigel Farage UKIP - the staunch Libertarian - talks Criminal Europe

So, there you have it, Nigel Farage is on Fox News saying to the Americans, "You're not to blame for the problems in Europe, it's all a Barroso/Rumpoy-led Euro-Socialist Experiment gone wrong."

But, "Hey, Mike, isn't your Free Planet idea some sort of Euro-Socialist Experiment?"

No, it fucking well is not (!)

My 'political stance' if you can call it that is EARTHIST; and that means a technological planet (why devolve back to hunter-gatherers simply because MAKING PROFIT is a fucking stupidly amoral and unethical thing for a supposedly intelligent race to be doing) where the right of all humans to be and do is paramount.

Ethics: Business has one sole aim, TO MAKE MONEY.

Nothing wrong with that, Mike, "Money makes the world go round."

Oh, does it?

Does it?

I propose a 'politics' where mankind puts all his Creativity, Passion and Kinship into making sure THE BASICS are dealt with on a global scale: food, water and shelter for every person.

Ways to improve the Diversity of this once-bountiful homeworld.
Ways to re-examine our techonology so that it doesn't poison or ruin or entrap those using it.
Ways to protect our planet from the HORRORS OF THE AMORAL BUSINESS GAME.

I propose, "Seven billion sovereign individuals take back their delicate homeworld and cradle it like the wind-blown petals of a flower."

FREE PLANET means free-the-planet from the profit-game, the war-game, the me-me-me game.

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