Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Re-localised solutions - de-militarised freedom - non-conscription ruleset.


It took a profit-free free planet t-shirt, a free planet ebook, a regularly-updated free planet blog and the threat of a 2013 free planet novel to make people understand that I was really serious about this 'free planet' idea.

It is your world, after all. We all agree on this, right? This world belongs to the creatures who occupy it, not the lords who (legally) rule it. We're agreed on this, right; at least in principle?

I know those canny lords and ladies and kings and queens have their insurance policies, their arbitrary lawset, their conscripted armies, their work force, but it's just a game.

People are starting to see the shit-smeared under-belly of this game, in the form of austerity and bailouts and too big to fail.

People are beginning to question what they've been taught not to question; the entire militaristic mindset of 'education leads to profit' (as long as you shut your worthless mouth and do your fucking service to our game) is being challenged finally in the open arena of democracy.

And we don't like it.

We also don't like what this money game has to do to 'secure its borders' or 'shore up its defenses' or 'dig in'. We're starting to see the sickness of the motives of the game, the win at all costs, the dog eat dog, the shit on their territory, their dreams, their hopes and wishes; massacre their ambition.

END WAR FOR PROFIT and all the associated systems, regulations and penalties that support such a Corporate Gulag Planet.

All our technological know-how must now be pushed towards these three local goals: food for all, water for all, shelter for all. Notice my use of the word local in there. Why's that there? Anyone? Anyone? Yes, metering.

Or rather freedom from metering in the name of profit, rent and continued slavery to the corporate machine.

If you have local ethical technolgical solutions to energy, heating, lighting, water, food, waste management, then the current players of the money game have no control over how you run your life; no way to force revenue from your labour. And don't worry, you're not as thick as they make you sound; free planet will not result in mindless civil wars or complete and utter anarchy in the streets.

For one, there'll be no streets, no orderly rows of slave housing, no reliance on the state, no need to prove your credentials to any official.

Yeah, imagine that. No empire = no need to maintain an empire = no cities, no sewers, no bridges, no roads, no overhead that might cripple a planet's wealth in the name of some conquering idealism.

You'll have moved beyond such petty games, once you've adopted a free planet as the only way to move your planet forward. You'll have 'evolved' into the realm of local solutions to global concerns. You'll have excelled (finally) as a race of diversities intent on exploring the three aspects of (what should be) life on earth, namely: creativity, passion and (most of all) kinship.

Kill me for that, but first help me, "Protect Mother Earth from the relentless hunger of the Corporate War Machine".

Do Right By FREE PLANET, today.

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