Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Valerie Jarrett's Same-Sex Federal Bridge Linked to Spy Anna Chapman's Sukhoi Flame & Crash

NO COMMENT, I'm just gonna air this dirty Anna Chapman-type laundry for all sheople to gawk at, in wonder.

Oh, fuck it, I can't resist, "I have absolutely no idea what this video is supposed to be about. This lurid exposé (as is common for the Abel Danger bunch) is highly speculative, verging on the starkly reprehensible, propaganda-making," but to what calamitous agenda?

Is it just that a CDL or Collateral Damage Limitation event took place, cold-fingering Chapman and nine others?

Or is this more a case of trying to gayly Flame-frame V.J.?


There, I feel CLEANSED (somehow) now.

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