Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What planet is this - dream balconies - a guided tour.

I'm really BUZZIN' this morning - very excited.

Yesterday, I wrote a TWO WEEKS LATER UPDATE: to my 'what planet is this? dream blocking' post involving my current inability to take control of my lucid dream, as I used to be able to do. For all those weeks, I've been trying to a) realise I'm dreaming, so that I can b) ask my Dream People the question, "What planet is this?"

You'll see in my (yesterday) update, I stated categorically that (while I still seemed to be (forcefully (militaristically?)) blocked from doing so) I would find a way around this 'technical glitch'.

Before going to sleep last night, I practiced the meditation exercise of UNZIPPING MY SKIN from the back and extracting the 'blob-root plus four-shoots' glowing fibres of my light being along with my 'person or self' allowing all the sensations of the human body to become insignificant to my journey. There's a HUGE VOID of potential when you step out of that realm. I'm a third D thinker, with scale transformation an ameliorating bonus feature which allows me INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL (and if you have to ask "how?" you shouldn't be asking) at superfast speeds.


I'm not gonna say IT WORKED , but...

An Elder Guide showed me round his complex and secretive Victorian-like town in a dream this morning. Modern art featured strongly, with little brick galleries of personal expression. There were also SECRET DOORS, heavy wooden doors like Oxford College gates behind which were CATTLE (females accompanied by a bull) waiting to enter a round sawdust arena or display area. The layout of the town was very complex, yet I felt I'd been there before, recurrent themes in the architecture and density of people, traffic.

Very vivid detail, seeming to be more than I could imagine. I was just watching, rather than had any concept of DREAM GENERATING these visuals.

The Victorian buildings had black ornamental (Victorian?) balconies or walkways groaning with celebrating youths. The idea was that these walkways could be used to survey the town, but currently they were overcrowded, in celebration at some event. I remember Elder Guide mentioning Cambridge (as you all know, I have lived in Cambridge though I'm currently in Oxford).

I say "Elder Guide" because that was his form and role, he even had a tweed hat. I noticed that (when I struck out on my own in this bewildering town) I got lost IMMEDIATELY: like map reading doesn't take place 'on the plane'.

I shall seek out this 'Elder Guide' in forthcoming dreams, see what's revealed. Maybe soon, I'll ask him the dream question, "What planet is this?"

I'll repeat, in case you've become flummoxed by my over-complex reportage of this stuff so far, "I think WE HELP THEM sort out their problems, on their planet, via our ability to play with dream symbols, during their wake-time."

They, you know who I mean by THEY, right?

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Chad Goulding said...

Secret doors and an elder in a tweed hat. Reminds me of this..