Thursday, July 26, 2012

NIBIRU INBOUND - The John Moore Show 7-25-2012 - Special Nibiru 2 Hr Presentation Part 1

well, whatever this info/disinfo GAME might be, they've finally announced it, via Department of Homeland Security, US Navy and Foreign Intelligence Sources according to Mike Harris on the July 25th edition of the John Moore radio show.

NIBIRU INCOMING, and it's BIG, and it's going 'real fast' -- it's due to crash through the asteroid belt and pass within the moon's orbit on or around August/September 2012.

"Get building your ARKs, Noahs," that's the 'very strange' message this revelation's suggesting.

Project Bluebeam (i.e. fake alien attack to bring in Global Martial Law) is the first thing that comes to mind, but this "WHAT'S REAL? WHAT'S BUNK?" question needs an answer. Any southern-hemisphere amateur astronomers (yeah, I've read the Rodney Gomes statistical analysis but I mean actual observations) tracking this so-called 'enormous inbound object'?

Man, I hate having my chain pulled by these mind-fuckers - URL ME.


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7b7d23f2-cd5e-11e1-ad48-000bcdcb471e said...

The people at the Edgar Cayce foundation said that the map that was created is false. They said that at a certain point in the later years of his readings his readings were beginning to get interferance from archons or other dis-info entities on the planet. Probably the reptillians or greys that wanted to add onto the man made Revelations part of the bible which the illuminiti are now trying to make come true or seem as though all is coming true. You might want to go to the Cayce site to see this for yourself; I just heard it in a report in an interview online.