Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aaron McCollum - the industry of MiLab - Military Abductions

"Aaron McCollum"
I've always suggested that most UFOs are military vehicles funded by the Black Ops Budget.

While alleged-US navy Coastguard whistleblower "Aaron McCollum" insists that there 'may be' good or benevolent E.T. abductions, he states that most so-called abduction experiences are indeed MILITARY ABDUCTIONS using special abductions teams armed with rohypnol and other mind-control drugs. And this includes, in my mind, really (in)famous abductions cases like Whitley Strieber's.

As it sounds like he himself is a victim of mind contron, I don't think Aaron knows everything about his real role in the MILAB scene, i.e. there may actually be NO ALIEN ABDUCTIONS and (as I believe) ALL UFO/ALIEN ACTIVITY is just your corporate government fucking around with you for their own PROFIT-driven purpose and/or benefit.

Remember, these Global Risk Game Players will use any tactic and trash any asset.

In this two-hour long interview on Pig Radio where Aaron is confronted by one of his MILAB abductee victims (Anya Briggs). Interesting media.


Katrina Joyner said...

Disappointing. I went to watch it and got a 404 Not Found. :-(

Mike Philbin said...


yeah, this interview's an absolute BITCH to keep track of. It was on 'some other server', then it disappeared. Then it turned up again, now it's 'disappeared again'.

PIGradio moving is the reason this url is broken. I have no idea how best to source this interview. Even the interviewee Anya Briggs (original source for the interview) is showing this old mp3 link, even though I've been updating her on changes to the url since it first went missing.


Katrina Joyner said...

Thank you for responding: I tried to find it on Youtube but wasn't sure I was finding the right thing.