Monday, August 13, 2012

You The People are the New World Order - you are the iRobot prophecy

yup, it's true.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER we're all hearing about on all sorts of insane radio/internet broadcasts, it's not some elite bankrollers orchestrating tactics and pulling strings on some global game of realtime RISK via supposedly bizarre sexual cults and rituals; it's YOU THE PEOPLE.

"Don't look any further," Bill Hicks 1992/3.

It's all those HARD WORKING CIVILIANS who think they're just paying bills and buying homes and running cars, patriotically living their American Dream but on a Global Scale of inception. You The People, complacent in your role as wage slaves as debt slaves as mortgage slaves as fuel and food and sewage slaves as utilities slaves, are literally powering the Elites so that they can fuck you even harder fattening their pockets while the keys to your ever-promised freedom fall through your threadbear pockets.

The Boogeyman Globalists aren't the (imagined) EVIL on this planet. You yourselves are the reason such Opportunism is really fucking up this planet in the name of Growth and Empire -- hell there's no such thing as 'evil' another stupidifying layer of the dumbification game you've allowed your children to be 'motivated' by.

It's the fault of You The People (the seven billion supposedly sovereign individuals) that there is a GLOBALIST ELITE who think you're nothing but scum. It's all your fault that there's a DEDICATED CAMPAIGN (by these psychopaths) against intelligence and learning and truth.  It's all your fault (You The People) that there's a VACCINE (to buy) for viruses that don't even exist, and that you're all working your asses off to collateralise a $600 trillion derivatives ass-suck.

You The People allowed your 'so-called elected leaders' to do all these things to the planet, hell you're probably working for companies that are DIRECTLY ruining this delicate homeworld, in the name of the-greatest-con-ever, PROFIT.

How happy do you feel that YOUR ACTIONS in YOUR COMPANIES or YOUR COUNCILS or YOUR CHARITIES are directly responsible for where we are today, as a Corporate iRobot race.

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